Panda Mom and Baby are minor characters of the Happy Tree Friends spin-off series Ka-Pow!

Character Bio

Panda Mom is a minor recurring character in Buddhist Monkey's episodes. She is a female panda who carries her baby around in a cradleboard. It is unknown what gender her baby is. She appeared in two of Buddhist Monkey's episodes (Books of Fury and Three Courses of Death). In Books of Fury, she was a library stacker and nearly got caught up in Buddhist Monkey and a Generic Tree Ninjas' race down the aisle. She and her baby make another reappearance in Buddhist Monkey's Ka-Pow! series. Her baby pupils are shaped pac-man like Cub.

It is revealed in Three Courses of Death that she is poor and has to dig through Buddhist Monkey's garbage for food, having to settle on a cooked fish skeleton. At the end of the episode, after Buddhist Monkey kills Char Sui and The Giant Crab, a claw broken off from The Giant Crab floats across a pond to where Panda Mom is roasting the fish skeleton on a fire. Ecstatic after finding a new source of food, she jumps for joy. Panda Mom and her baby are likely to return in future Buddhist Monkey episodes.

Panda Mom and Baby Episodes

  1. Books of Fury
  2. Three Courses of Death


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