Cultural References

  • To go "out on a limb" means to be in a position that might be dangerous.
  • The moral means the more powerful and successful people are, the more they suffer when they experience defeat and disaster.
  • This episode references the movie Saw, when Lumpy has to cut one of his limbs off to get out.
  • This episode closely resembles the 2010 biographical film "127 Hours", in which a mountaineer named Aron Ralston gets his arm trapped underneath a boulder while rock climbing in Utah, and is forced to cut his arm off to free himself.

Production Notes

  • This is the last episode in which Rhode Montijo has writing credits. From this episode onwards, most of the internet episodes are written by Kenn Navarro, Warren Graff and Ken Pontac.
  • There are a few titles that were dropped in favor for Out on a Limb. The other examples include Knock On Wood, Just Fir You, and Pineing for You.
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