On Thin Ice is a Happy Tree Friends arcade game exclusive to The objective of this game is to get Russell across block of ice over the ocean to get away from a giant squid. Description

Russell’s ship has wrecked and now a giant squid is hoping to make a savory snack out of him! Help Russell drop chucks of ice to skewer the sea monster instead. You’ll have to keep a cool head though, because it’s a good game of wits that will keep him out of Davie Jones’ lunch locker and turn that monster into squid-kabob.


Russell's ship is shown wrecked in the ocean, and Russell stands on an ice block with a giant squid below the water. In order to pass a level, the player must make Russell jump across each ice block by clicking on them. Russell can only jump on an ice block next to or across him. Once Russell jumps on another ice block, the previous one will sink. Once all the ice blocks have been touched, the player can advance to a new level. However, if there are some ice blocks remaining that Russell can't get to, the player has no choice but to retry the level.

The game has 24 levels overall. Once the final level is finished, Russell is shown about to eat the squid's body parts on a plate, with the captions "You WIN!!!" on the screen.


  1. If the player presses Retry, Russell is shown being torn apart by the squid.
  2. When all levels are completed, the squid is cut to pieces.


  • When advancing to the next level, the squid gets impaled by an ice block.


  • Russell's hooks switches hands when he changes the position he's facing whether it's front, back, left, or right.
  • Russell's eyepatch is smaller than this eyes.
  • The size of Russell's tongue is petite.


  • The opening music from Sea What I Found plays in this game.
  • On Level 19, the ice blocks are formed in the shape of a Swastika.
  • Russell makes the exact same scream he did (when you clicked on Retry) in the episode Off the Hook, though at a faster pace.
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