S3E19 Random Acts of Silence Sniffles and Nutty

Opposites attract!

This page focuses on the friendly relationship between Nutty and Sniffles.


In many episodes in which Nutty and Sniffles both appear, they seem to get along well despite their differing personalities. Nutty is jittery and sugar-addicted and quite unintelligent thanks to these attributes, whereas Sniffles is intelligent and somewhat of a nerd.

Nutty's Side

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Nutty and Sniffles play checkers.

Nutty seems fond of having Sniffles as a friend. Episodes such as From Hero to EternityRandom Acts of Silence, and All Work and No Play even imply that Nutty can control his usual sugar-craving state - acting unusually calm - whenever he is with Sniffles, a much more sane character in terms of personality. He also seems worried about Sniffles and the others' well-being in Take a Hike.

Nutty regularly annoys or even endangers other characters due to his sugar obsession, though with Sniffles this is rare. However, one of the few times Nutty does prove troublesome to Sniffles is in Class Act, in which he mistakes Sniffles for a giant candy cane and bites off a chunk of his torso.

Sniffles' Side


Sniffles cures Nutty.

Sniffles has offered help to Nutty on a few occasions when the latter's addiction goes too far. In the False Alarm episode, he helps Nutty overcome his addiction by means of solitary confinement and later congratulates him for his success. In Concrete Solution, he attempts to drive Nutty to the hospital. Likewise, he also values Nutty as a friend, as seen in Random Acts of Silence, in which he finds Nutty's joke funny.

However, he does seem annoyed when Nutty beats him at checkers in From Hero to Eternity. He is horrified at what Nutty does to him in Class Act, but comes to forgive him when Toothy starts singing. He is also annoyed in the False Alarm episode when Nutty injures himself due to his candy addiction.


  • Fliqpy always kills both of them whenever the two appear with him.
  • As mentioned above, Nutty appears to be able to control his sugar-addicted state when Sniffles is around.
  • Despite both of them being known for not caring about other characters' death or injury, they seem to have soft (or at least worried) spots for each other.
  • Nutty and Sniffles have both died by having their heads cracked open by simply tripping to the ground (in the episodes Swelter Skelter and Moppin Up, respectively).
  • They're also shipped by the fans of the series (probably due to them being together)
  • Lumpy is the most frequent victim of both characters.
  • They both suffer injuries that involve their mouths.
  • They have also both died by having their organs pulled out through their mouths (Nutty in Stealing the Spotlight, then Sniffles in Tongue in Cheek and In a Jam).
  • Both characters are known to die attempting to eat what they enjoy (candy and ants).
  • The two are often seen around either Flaky or Mime.
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