My Better Half is the fifth (and final) of the Love Bites shorts.


Riding in a wooden swan, Petunia and Handy are on a lovely Tunnel of Love ride. All is peaceful until Petunia notices some floating logs on the water stream. Later, Handy sees a swan ride on the shore nearby, sliced in half. Neither of them knows what is going on until Handy gets sliced vertically by a saw on a sawmill right in their path, while Petunia can only scream in horror.

Ending Tag

  • I think we should split up!

After the ending tag, a sliced Petunia gets thrown onto a pile of already sliced logs.


  • Handy and Petunia (the latter's death off-screen) get sliced in half by a giant sawmill.

Survival Rate

  • Amount of surviving main characters: 0
  • Amount of dead main characters: 2
  • Total Rate: 0%


  1. Some boats, including Petunia and Handy's boat, were/are cut in half by a buzz saw.
  2. Handy's hat and tool belt and Petunia's flower and air freshener are cut in half by a buzz saw.


  1. It should not be so easy for the saw to cut Handy's helmet, though it is possible that the buzz saw is extremely sharp.
  2. Handy continues to scream even though his entire body is sliced in half instantly.
  3. Petunia's bones are not visible when she is sawed in half.

    Where are her bones?

  4. The insides of Petunia's tail are not seen, making it look as if she has two tails.
  5. When Petunia is thrown onto the log pile, her tongue is missing.
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