General Trivia

  • According to Kenn Navarro, "Mouse Ka-Boom was originally supposed to be a big, burly rhino, the stereo-typical demolition man. The more we talked about him the more we felt like that was too on-the-nose. We finally decided to go against type and make him a little mouse with a giant back-pack FULL of explosives!"
  • Like Sneaky, Mouse-KaBoom's death is not permanent, as Kenn Navarro has said he will be in more episodes.
  • Mouse Ka-boom may have been inspired by Mouser, an enemy boss in "Super Mario Bros. 2" that throws bombs at the player.
  • Since this series has (so far) been somewhat alike to WW2, Mouse Ka-Boom may be a reference to the French, an ally of the United States in WW2 that was taken over by Nazi Germany. There was a French resistance fighting the Nazis, so Mouse Ka-Boom may represent those French. His french accent and his tendency to say "le" at the start of every word also hints this


  • According to Kenn Navarro, Mouse Ka-Boom is deaf, making him the fifth character with a disability. The other four are Handy (amputated hands), The Mole (blind, with other senses limited), Russell (amputated legs, one amputated hand, and missing an eye), and the Tiger General (amputated hand and missing eye).
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