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"He might be a little hard of hearing but his demolitions expertise comes across loud and clear!"
―Mouse Ka-Boom's description on Mondo Media's website.[1]

Mouse Ka-Boom is a character from the Happy Tree Friends spin-off episode Operation: Tiger Bomb of the spin-off series Ka-Pow!.

Character Bio

Mouse Ka-Boom is an orange mouse who is seen in Operation: Tiger Bomb. He is French, as he usually says "le" before a sentence or an action, as well as sporting a French mustache. He has protective goggles and a backpack full of explosives. His ears are bandaged and he is deaf from the explosions that he has been around. He fought alongside Flippy and Sneaky in the W.A.R. Mouse Ka-Boom is also an explosives expert, as he can make bombs disguised as everyday objects (such as apples).

In the episode, one of his bombs would have killed the Tiger General, but it bounces off a pizza the general is holding and trying to eat. Mouse Ka-Boom accidentally catches it with both hands, but cannot get rid of it due to the cheese making it stick to his hands. He runs to Flippy for help. Flippy uses his knife to cut the fuse, but accidentally cuts Mouse Ka-Boom horizontally in half. The lit fuse lands in his open back-pack full of bombs, causing a huge explosion. All that remains of Mouse Ka-Boom are several body parts and a lot of blood.

According to Kenn Navarro, Ka-Boom's death is not permanent as his deafness will be explored in future episodes. But with Ka-Pow! no longer producing episodes, it is unknown whether or not this will come true.


Kill Count

Tiger Soldiers: 1 (Operation: Tiger Bomb).


  1. Operation: Tiger Bomb: Is cut in half by a dagger, and blown up. (Possibly permanent)