Mittens (also known as Honey) is a minor character in Happy Tree Friends. She usually serves a main character's pet, or just a background cameo character.

Character Bio

Mittens is a cat that appears sometimes throughout the internet and TV series. She has two names as the creators of the show have not decided which one to call her yet. She behaves like a typical pet cat, occasionally appearing as a pet owned by several characters (mostly Giggles). In Tongue Twister Trouble, The Ants use her to scratch Sniffles' tongue. She cuts it off, causing Sniffles to slowly slide into icy water thanks to the weight on his tail and freeze to death. She also appears in the DVD version of Out of Sight, Out of Mime, where she can be seen hissing in a tree, though she has a different color. She is for sale in a pet shop in Doggone It and she is stolen by Lifty and Shifty in Junk in the Trunk. In Who's to Flame?, the fire brigade rescues her from being stuck in a tree. She also appears in A Sight for Sore Eyes and Something Fishy. According to the episode Junk in the Trunk and Something Fishy, she belongs to Giggles. There is a cat seen in the episode Blind Date when The Mole hits it with his car, however, this cat is vastly different from Mittens, and so is unlikely to be her.


Kill Count



  1. Blind Date: Is hit by The Mole's car (Debatable, as it could be another cat due to their vast differences, and the cat may have survived).

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