Mime just wants to be part of the crowd.

This article focuses on the relationships between Mime and every other main character he has interacted with in Happy Tree Friends.


Compared to most other examples, Mime does not interact frequently with other characters. Despite this, he is easy to get along with and many characters seem to consider him a friend, with a few exceptions like Disco Bear and Flippy.



Mime warning Cuddles about their impending doom.

Cuddles and Mime can be considered friends, as they both attend Flippy's birthday party in Party Animal and help repair Giggles' house in Home Is Where the Hurt Is. Their biggest interaction so far is in A Hole Lotta Love, where Mime tries to warn Cuddles about Sniffles' destructive machine. They also interact in In a Jam, when Cuddles wants to by a guitar but doesn't have any money.


Giggles is also considered a friend of Mime. In Easy Comb, Easy Go, she and Petunia become infatuated with Mime after he wears a wig. Mime also makes Giggles a balloon hat in See What Develops, volunteers to help fix her house, and joins her and Petunia for breakfast in Who's to Flame?.


Like other characters, Toothy does not interact often with Mime, but their interactions are always friendly. A particular case would be Mime and Mime Again, where Mime visits an injured Toothy in the hospital and entertains him with tricks (which quickly go horribly wrong). They are also co-workers at Lumpy's circus in Mime to Five, although Toothy misinterprets Mime's instructions with deadly results. They also go to see a movie together in YouTube Copyright School, along with Sniffles.


Lumpy and Mime's relationship seems ambiguous, most of the time however, Lumpy acts rather cruel towards Mime. Lumpy gets frustrated with Mime when he is choking on a peanut in Happy Trails Pt. 1. In Mime to Five, Lumpy acts bossy towards him and is unimpressed by Mime's circus-worthy tricks. In Party Animal, he swipes away Mime's peanuts, which makes him cry. On the positive side, they get along in Home Is Where the Hurt Is, as is shown when Lumpy is entertained by Mime, though he later laughs during Mime's demise, thinking it to be part of the act. Lumpy also saves Mime's life in Doggone It.


Petunia probably interacts with Mime the most often, and even appears to be attracted to him in I Heart U and Easy Comb, Easy Go. The two also briefly hold hands in Class Act. Petunia also invites Mime and Giggles into her home for breakfast in Who's to Flame?.


The closest thing to an interaction between Handy and Mime so far is in Home Is Where the Hurt Is, where both characters (along with a few others) work together to repair Giggles' house.


While Sniffles and Mime are not rivals in any way, both sides have shown obliviousness to each other. They sit together on a bus in Happy Trails Pt. 1, but Sniffles is asleep and remains so while a choking Mime desperately tries to awaken him. Mime later returns the favor in Mime to Five by letting Sniffles drown in the ocean, instead practicing CPR on an imaginary body. They are both also seen together in See You Later, Elevator, Something Fishy, and Party Animal but there isn't much interaction in any of these episodes. They do however, go to see a movie together in Youtube Copyright School and Mime is sitting right next to Sniffles.


Mime and Nutty at the fair.

Nutty and Mime's only interactions occur in Random Acts of Silence, where Nutty gets worried after Mime continually annoys Flippy, and Party Animal where Mime gets shocked when Nutty accidentally takes his peanuts. They also enter a contest at the fair in Aw, Shucks!.


Mime is kind to Flaky despite rarely meeting with her. He offers Flaky a peanut in Party Animal, and, later in the episode, helps her prepare for Flippy's birthday. He also gives Flaky advice when she is a passenger on the plane he works at in Wingin' It.

Pop and Cub

Their only interaction so far is in Mime to Five. Working at a drive-in, Mime irritates Pop by not responding and subsequently kills him, Cub, and several other customers by turning up the volume of the speaker. 

Disco Bear

Disco Bear is annoyed by Mime.

Disco Bear is not very fond of Mime. In Mime to Five, he is clearly annoyed by Mime wiping an apparently imaginary window. Mime, on the other hand, does not seem concerned until Disco Bear is killed, reacting in sadness as it means losing another job. In Easy Comb, Easy Go, he, along with Giggles and Petunia, laughs at Disco Bear's lack of hair. Despite this, Disco Bear doesn't appear to mind Mime's company in Cubtron Z and is even smiling at him.


Russell hires Mime as an employee at his restaurant in Mime to Five, only to fire him after Mime accidentally kills some of his customers. Mime makes Russell a balloon sword in See What Develops. The two, in addition to Sniffles, are also actors in a school play in Something Fishy.

The Mole

The Mole serving Mime a hot dog.

Like in many cases with other characters, The Mole has acted with obliviousness towards Mime. In Out of Sight, Out of Mime, he fails to notice Mime at his doorstep and later carves his head like a jack-o-lantern. In Chew Said a Mouthful, Mime is a customer at The Mole's hot dog stand until being killed by him.

Lifty and Shifty

Considering their reputation, it can be assumed that Mime does not like Lifty and Shifty. The kleptomaniac duo steal Mime's (supposedly) imaginary safe in Easy For You to Sleigh.


Mime cuts an apple for Cro-Marmot.

Mime is seen having a picnic with Cro-Marmot in Brake the Cycle, indicating a friendship between them.


Main article: Flippy-Mime Relationship

Whether flipped out or not, Flippy does not really get along with Mime, finding him a nuisance in Keepin' it Reel and in Random Acts of Silence. Mime, on the other hand, does not have anything against Flippy, or at least not his good side.


Mime wants Splendid's autograph.

Mime is shown to be a fan of Splendid's in Wrath of Con, happily walking up to the superhero in order to receive an autograph.


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