• This is the first episode of the DVD Third Strike Volume.
  • The cow in this episode is later seen with a similar appearance (when it becomes scrawny) in Dunce Upon a Time.
  • One of the items Lifty and Shifty throw out of the balloon is The Cursed Idol. The idol may have been the cause of Lifty and Shifty’s deaths.
  • The reindeer from Reindeer Kringle is visible in the background while Lifty is impaled on a tree.
  • This episode contains the first instance in the internet series and one of only five instances in the entire series that Lifty dies before Shifty.
  • When Lifty is impaled on the tree, the way his organs wrap around the tree resemble Christmas decorations.
  • Shifty is responsible for every death in this episode. (Though Lifty helped Shifty kill Lumpy)
  • Lifty appears to scream Shifty's name when was thrown out of the hot air balloon. This is one of only four instances in the entire series where a character calls another character by his/her name, the other being in Water Way to Go, Home Is Where the Hurt Is and Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow
  • Shifty's scream when his spinal cord was torn was also used by Lifty in Meat Me for Lunch when his tail was sliced.
  • This is one of the few episodes where Lumpy's antlers don't change directions.
  • The objects that Lifty and Shifty throw out of the hot-air balloon include:
    • A telescope
    • A life preserver
    • A sink
    • An anvil
    • A beach chair
    • The Cursed Idol
    • A fish
    • A hammer
    • A bottle of lotion/soap
    • A pitcher
    • A spoon
  • This is the first time that Shifty has intentionally killed Lifty.
  • This is Shifty's most brutal death in the internet series.
  • The objects/body parts that are flung into the air when Shifty is sliced include:
    • His leg
    • His tail
    • A watch
    • A tin can
    • A few pieces of his intestines
    • Pieces of his spinal cord
    • Half of one of his organs
    • His kidneys
    • One of his organs.

Cultural References

  • The meaning of the phrase "milking it" means to spoil something or to drag something out to long (like a franchise).
  • The meaning of the moral of this episode means to not get upset over small problems.


Production Notes

  • A deleted scene for this episode was featured on the Third Strike DVD. In it, when the cow became thin and scrawny, Lifty was seen jumping up and down while holding onto the udder to make more milk come out. The creators changed it because they thought the scene was too harsh.
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