Yong feng

aka Tim Deckers

  • I live in Belgium
  • I was born on February 26
  • I am Male
Welcome to my message wall!
If you need help you can always try to message me, but expect that I may not message you back quickly.
If you need a fast response please contact my other collages. If it's a technical problems, you may send a message here and I may response.
Have a nice day sir!
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  • How's it going, Yong feng, i'm Ibrahim Hamroush and i'm glad and happy that you greeted me, with love from Egypt.

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    • Hey. I'm doing fine.

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    • As we are HTF fans, have you ever wondered about the mysterious things that happened in that show like:

      1- how did Fliqpy in episodes like: By the seat of your pants, a vicious cycle, Remains to be seen and some of these episodes do these reality warping things?, i mean he killed 46.2% of HTF characters in by the seat of your pants, i mean i'd like to see the RoadRunner or the flash or quicksilver do that, and he was able to transfer his soul in the tricycle in a vicious cycle, and in Remains to be seen, maybe his nuclear waste was able to bring all the HTF characters to life as zombies, or maybe that was the cursed idol?, also the idol can be seen when Cuddles and Giggles kissed each other for the first time in that episode, so from all of that, if Fliqpy a demon like Freddy Krueger or that was gag episodes?, means that it all happened because of the logic of the series (HTF)?

      2- but at the same time, if he have demonic powers, but he didn't survive being crashed into the sun in Happy Trails pt 2, but why?, maybe because if he is a demon and was created from fire, but the sun can burn even fire, maybe that's why he died?

      3-The Cursed Idol, it brings death and destruction and controls luck and reflects attacks and
      probably it's like the god of death of this show, i mean can someone survive that idol, what do you think about that?

      4- i mean if we bring to that idol very powerful fictional characters like Thanos with Infinity Gauntlet, or Abraxas (Marvel), Globglogabgalab, Mr Popo (TeamFourStar) Dragon ball abridged, Bugs Bunny, Rick Sanchez, Popeye...etc, does that idol still destroys them?

      videos that proof the powers of these characters:

      Mr Popo (DBZA) (TFS) Pecking Order:

      Mr Popo kicks everybody of the Lookout:

      Rick Sanchez superiority:

      Popeye the sailor man:

      Globglogabgalab (the yeast of thoughts and minds) from the movie Strawinsky and the Mysterious House, the Globglogabgalab thing became a meme in this year 2018 and

      there's the song about him:

      a video that explains his powers:

      but if that idol still destroys and kills these characters, then it's alright and that's all for now and it was really fun talking to you, thank you and stay awesome. :D

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • U rly leave "HONORARY BUREUCRAT" role?


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    • Because well. If I wasn't here. The old b-crats will be remain a meanie around and preventing upgrades. And the wiki won't be active like this.

      And by "mean old bureaucrat" is a guy called Water Closet Producer. Who removed my admin role just because I am upgrading the Wiki's look. He removed it because "it will run problems with older PCs". But I take that as totally nonsense excuse because even my old 2004 Windows XP (which it died in May 2014) can load the page without any issues.

      After a while. I decided to edit a bit more. After a while when I noticed that bureaucrat is inactive (due to his PC was broken. YAY his piece of chit PC broke). I decided to let a friend of mine making a vote on this wiki to promote me as Bureaucrat. And as majority agreed. I was bureaucrat and quickly promoted the ones that has good skills around. Which is: Sandgar and Rorosilky. Along with AnimationFan.

      Since the wiki looks really like old school office columns. I wanted the wiki to be renovated. So I took majority elements from Counter-Strike Wiki (where I'm bureaucrat as of now still) to here.

      Since that admin is inactive for a while. Our crew also decided to revoke his B-Crat right through the community request to avoid another drama with him.

      Back than, the wiki looks almost a deserted place. If you compare to today's HTF Wiki. You nearly see lot of edits around on each day. The earlier issues consists:

      • Poorly written texts
      • Low quality and lack of images
      • Code issues

      Things heavily changed when HelloWhat'sUp, Zren joined. They know the most skills with the web codes (I do know little and often from copy from other wiki's). As the HTF was on Hiatus. I lost motivations of editing since my grammar was an issue back than (I still have this issue. But just lesser) and lack of time.

      Well. That's all about my history. If you want more info about it. Don't hesitate to message me.

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  • Just wanted to say Hi after all this time!

    (Yes, I know he maybe inactive, but still wanted to leave a message :))

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    • Thanks. Though I felt myself quite short at editing articles self because I mostly did on coding and templates instead. Though I have difficulty to do most since most ideas were inspired from the other wiki. As I never learned how to code the website by myself.

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    • It's cool, you've done so much for this wiki though :)

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  • My favourite character in htf is flippy also ! But what is your favourite ka-pow series ? Mine is observation tiger bomb ( mouse ka-boom is so cute ! X3 )

    Plus how are u doing and have a good rest of your day/night !

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  • Unless a staff comes and tells you to do it. Do not worry about attributing that guy. The code is an open source code that can be found anywhere online, and it is not anything special he created.

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  • 452

    If you have copied anything else from the Saints Row Wiki, please attribute the source.

    Edit: For the record,

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    Mr Creeper500
    Mr Creeper500 closed this thread because:
    Sorted, permanently.
    18:01, May 5, 2016
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    • Well this is the first person to come here and demand this. Me and Yong have taken codes from Gravity Falls wiki, and they never once have complained about it. They even know I have the codes. I just think this was a waste of time for everyone and he should go and forget about this.

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    • This has been sorted out, his argument is invalid from here on out seeing as the code is open-source.

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  • Dude, I can't believe that you made a kirby/caiden Template, You are officially Hardcore, or whoever made it, still everyones hardcore XD can't stop laughing

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  • Today is my birthday. I'm now 18 years old.

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  • For the sake of creating possible edits to the wiki, and since I think it could be useful, is it possible to update the character template to include a 'latest appearance' section? As it reads, it would be placed to label the last episode that character has appeared in. May not be that important, but I think it still gives something to add for the wiki.

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    • Sandgar wrote:
      I fixed, please do a poll on the characters in Dream Job

      I'll do it

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    • Okay, I'll take care of lastap

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  • Hey can you please give me a description of the ranks on the wiki(admin, rollback, bureaucrat, etc.)? I just want to know so that if I need help in the future I know who would be the best to turn to. 

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