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  • Get on chat please

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  • I moved this here so that Sandgar won't grip again and any users that haven voted yet can (hopefully see)

    For everyone else, I included the questions each corrispond to the list of common reasons a bureaucrat needs to go:

    Can you prove that Sandgar has done any of these things?

    I'm guessing the first one has to do with TBM. While yes, any opinions related to TBM are often suppressed, they are far from the only ones, while he doesn't delete polls many discussions have vanished on completely covering topics including, but not limited to: page and catagory names, problem users, existance and creation of pages and catagories, content of pages, etc.

    The second one I'm guessing is who Sandgar thought was Kirby. While yes, Cuddles I Guess' ban was completely unreasonable and without warning (and complete refusal to reconsider, this has happened in multiple other cases, including my own.

    "I've seen Sandbar compromise on things." Yes, he sometimes compromises in the same way Fliqpy did in Measures of Acceptability (you don't really need to have seen the fic to guess how that went) in a way that actually isn't a compromise at all only promising the inevitable without actually losing anything he wants. Other times he compromises like Lumpy in the same story through threats and blatant blackmail. Also, anytime someone tries to call him on what he's doing, he denies everything and throws that person under the bus.

    What is this rule? While there are a few, the biggest hypocritical rule is that now basically every decision bigger than a line has to be a democratic poll but repeated makes massive descions without consulting anyone because "everyone else is too immature to have a proper discussion" (yes, he did say that) and on the rare occations he does make a poll, they are completely manipulated in explaination and wording or just on something he doesn't actually care about.

    What edits? He's reverted multiple perfectly good edits that I don't have time to hunt down but even deleted or emptied entirely necessary catagories, most notably Lumpy's Villian Roles being stripped down to We're Scrooged!, Dunce Upon a Time, and All in Vien.

    And what has he done to create that said environment He always threatens people "Don't steal my edits" and other unreal issues and more importantly has repeatedly publically humiliated users he has an issue with, like me and Adam as you had just saw.

    Hopefully this makes the issue clear.

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  • Hi, welcome to Happy Tree Friends Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Handy-The Mole Relationship page.


    We love to see new editors here. We all love it for new users to help edit out the wiki. :)

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything! The current active admins are AdamISAWESOME, HelloWhatsUp, SaenihpNnylf and Smart zombie. And current active bureaucrats are AnimationFan15, Lord O' Darkness, Yong Feng and Sandgar. And the current active rollback is HTFan. Please don't hesitate when you need help, our admins will help you in any way that he/she can.

    Have a look at our policy before editing to ensure that you remain editing in good qualities.

    Note: This is an automated bot message.

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