aka Eric Feeble (Stressed Eric)

  • I live in The UK
  • My occupation is Maria, I'm Ten Years Late Already!
  • I am Male
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  • Here is an episode i made called 

    Born To Be Bee.

    Staring Lumpy, Pop and Cub

    Featuring Cuddles and Some Bees

    Plot: Cub is playing with his ball when it gets stuck in a tree. Pop tries to climb the tree and get the ball, but he grabs a bee nest and the bees sting his face, Pop falls down the tree and breaks his arm.

    Later that day Pop Calls the exterminators, Lumpy and Cuddles to come and kill the bees. Soon they arrive and go to the tree. Lumpy hold the ladder at the tree and Cuddles goes up. The bees see Cuddles go up the ladder and go towards him. Cuddles screams as the bees sting his eyes and he falls off the ladder and falls on to a garden rake which kills him. Lumpy gets his killing gas to kill the bees. He walks up the ladder and sprays the bees. The bees fall to the ground and Lumpy thinks there dead. Suddenly the queen bee comes out of the hive and stings Lumpy on his face and eyes. Lumpy falls to the ground on the ladder and crushes Pop,who gets killed. Lumpy Tries to run into the house but the queen bee gets him. Lumpy tries to kill the queen bee by getting a knife, but he misses throwing and stabs himself in the heart by mistake and dies. 

    Outside the ball falls from out the tree and Cub plays with it. Cub then finds honey and Cuddles blood on the rake and licks it, Cub enjoys it.


    Cuddles falls onto the garden rake and gets impaled.

    Pop gets crushed by a ladder.

    Lumpy stabs his heart with a knife by accident.

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    • Good 

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