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These are a list of running gags that are things repeated throughout the series.

Petunia's OCD

Petunia's OCD is a recurring gag throughout the series. For more information, see Characters with Mental Disorders.

Handy's Angry Face

Handy's angry face is a main gag that mostly appears in a episode if Handy has a starring/featuring role.

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Death And Injury

See: Death and Injury

Mime's Miming

Mime, as his name suggests, tends to mimic everyday actions on a daily basis. In fact, he is so into his role as a mime, that he doesn't speak at all, and the only instances of him making noise are very rare, consisting only in choking sounds and other minor noises (as heard in Happy Trails Pt. 1). His complete lack of verbal communication and his constant acts of mimicry often lead to his own death or other characters' demises. For more information, see Every Time Mime has Mimed.

Flippy's Flipouts

Whenever Flippy hears something related to his pastime in the war, his PTSD gets triggered, he flips out, turns into Fliqpy and kills everyone.

Flaky's fears

A reoccurring gag is various fears Flaky has. In many episodes, it is shown that she has many phobias of an immeasurable amount of things, For more information, see Flaky's Phobias.


A certain gag consists of the characters sobbing. Whenever the characters are traumatized or are in a great amount of pain, the characters would cry. Toothy cries the most out of the characters, and it's a major trait of his character.

Lumpy's stupidity

Perhaps the most frequent gag in the show is Lumpy's stupidity. It has been a running gag that Lumpy would kill the other characters with his clumsiness or simply misperformed simple tasks. For more information, see Acts of Stupidity by Character.

Pop's incompetent parenting

A common gag is Pop's parenting, or lack thereof. This running gag is common in the series and it's perhaps the second most frequent and major gag in the series, next to Lumpy's. For more information, see Pop's Bad Parenting.