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Happy Tree Friends may be referenced in other media from time to time, and this is a list of pieces of other media that are (or may be) references to HTF.

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The Good Girl

During a scene in this film, a clip from Spin Fun Knowin' Ya is being watched on television.

TV Shows

SpongeBob SquarePants

In "The Way of the Sponge", SpongeBob has a stuffed animal that looks very similar to Lumpy. (Debatable).

Star vs. the Forces of Evil

In an episode of Star vs. the Forces of Evil, something similar to The Cursed Idol appears on a cabinet in the background. Debatable, as it could just be a reference to Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, like the Cursed Idol itself.

Another debatable example, in the season 2 episode "Page Turner", there is a character who looks strikingly similar to Lumpy.

World's Dumbest

In an episode of World's Dumbest, Buddhist Monkey appears on a shirt.

Other Mondo Series


On Gundarr, there is a direct reference to Happy Tree Friends in the episode Doppelgangsta's Paradise. Near the end of the show, Toddy and his doppelgangers get crushed by a totem-pole that bears the faces of Lumpy, Handy, Lifty, and Cuddles.

Baman Piderman

One of the Baman Piderman episode titles is Happy Winter Friends, which is a reference to Happy Tree Friends.

DJs in PJs

In the pilot Monsters are Everywhere, Cuddles is shown as one of a kid's plush toys.

Goodbye Kitty

In the episode Kittycide, you can see what looks like Nutty's hand stick out of a van holding a lollipop. But after the girl is shoved into the van, we see that it is a green bear that looks a lot like Pedobear, another internet sensation (Debatable).

Dee Tremendous

In the episode "Escalator", Fliqpy cameos as a sign on a wall.

Dick Figures

One of the main characters in this show is named Lord Tourettes. As his name implies, he has the inability to control his swearing and outbursts. He shares a couple similarities to Flippy: both are green in color, both have a second violent personality, and both wear a hat (Flippy wears a soldier's beret, and LT wears a pointed hat).

The God & Devil Show

There is a reference to Happy Tree Friends in the episode "Robert Downey Jr.", where Cuddles appears as a keychain on God's car keys, and a green Lumpy appears on a carton of Moose Piss.


Retarded Animal Babies

  1. In the episode Magic, a kid watching the show says, "It rips off Happy Tree Friends, blam this piece of shit!"
  2. During a scene in Show and Hell, a kid appears from the side and says, "And this still looks like Happy Tree Friends!"
  3. In the episode fuxxOrz, the characters were walking through the internet and one of the sites they went through was for Happy Tree Friends.
  4. In the episode Sucky Suckaween, Cat dressed up as Flippy for Halloween.

YouTube Promoted Videos

The video clips featured in this promo include a scene from Seize the Day and another from Snow What? That's What!.

Criminal Case

In the level Burned to the Bone, one of the items you have to find is simply referred to as a "figurine" but looks a lot like a certain beaver.

Battle for Dream Island

In the episode "The Reveal", a character based on Flaky makes a cameo appearance as a character recommended by theHEARTGOLD10. Her appearance however, is changed to make her look like a "David".


In RebelTaxi's video "The LEGALLY BANNED SPONGEBOB EPISODE (@RebelTaxi) A Day With SpongeBob Mockumentary" a cutout of Fliqpy's head is seen. There is also a HTF DVD with Cuddles on the cover. In his video called Top 10 Worst NICKELODEON Moments and Controversies, he shows footage from the HTF episode YouTube Copyright School twice, when he gets to number one. In his Duckman review, he plays the Happy Tree Friends theme and shows two small bears, Fluffy and Uranus, getting beaten up, who also regenerate like the characters. He mentions the show again saying "I think the Happy Tree Friends owe Duckman a check." The Fliqpy head appears again in his video "Top 43 WORST Cartoons of the 2010-2019 DECADE (@RebelTaxi) 2010s Nostalgia".


Happy Tree Friends has been seen in Smosh twice:

  • In the episode "Awesome New Robot", Cuddles and Flippy are seen as plushies behind the robot.
  • In one episode (whose title is unknown), Russell is shown on a shirt with the text "Hook me up!"


Fine Brothers Entertainment

An episode of Elders React on the Fine Brothers channel has the elders react to Happy Tree Friends. They watched the episodes Eyes Cold Lemonade, The Way You Make Me Wheel, and Eye Candy, respectively. It can be viewed here.

TV Tropes

An image of Lumpy sticking a knife into a plugged-in toaster while in a bathtub is used for the trope Moose Are Idiots. Another page uses a screenshot of Lumpy peaking through a hole of his door from the episode Aw, Shucks!, for the trope "Here's Johnny!" Homage


In his rant for the movie Alpha and Omega 3: The Great Wolf Games, he brings up Happy Tree Friends in a scene that involves a bear acting insane (11:40). He is obviously referring to Fliqpy.

Bloop Animation

In their video "The 5 Types of Animation" one of the scenes of I've Got You Under My Skin is showed in the video as one of the examples of a 2D animation.

Stuff with Scout Fly

In the video "Cartoon Network CANCELLED Regular Show!" Scout is wearing a Happy Tree Friends shirt.

German Mad Magazine

German Mad magazine did two issues called "Happy Tree Friends vs. SpongeBob" and "Happy Tree Friends vs. South Park: Hooray! They killed Kenny". Various HTF comics have been published in the magazine as well.

For further information, see Mad Magazine HTF images.


In the Cartoon Conspiracy "The Brave Little Toaster is NOT For Kids", a scene from Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow is shown near the end of the video.

Super Bunnyhop

In his video called "The First Levels of Sonic Games", Happy Tree Friends is mentioned when talking about Sonic Colors' writers.

PhantomStrider / LiveStrider

Plants vs. Zombies 2

The lizard hat that Primal Sunflower can wear resembles what Lumpy looked like in the first ever Happy Tree Friends episode: Banjo Frenzy. (Debatable)

Object Terror

In the episode "Kiloto the Minoto," there is a line in the musical number for the first chapter that mentions Happy Tree Friends: "But did you watch Happy Tree Friends / Because that show is the best"