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Throughout the duration of the series, there have been a lot of recycled assets from the show, usually to save money and time, ranging from voices and background music to character models.




Giggles, Petunia, Cub

Toothy and Handy





Sniffles' scream from "Tounge in Cheek" is reused in "Dream Job"



Disco Bear


Lifty and Shifty

Flippy and Fliqpy


  • Splendid's "Huh?" when he hears his washing machine finish before punching a chunk of snow in From Hero to Eternity is reused in Just Be Claus when Mime's inflatable punching bag deflates.
  • Splendid's second groan after being exposed to kryptonut for the first time in Gems the Breaks is reused at the beginning of Just Be Claus.
  • The way Splendid sighs when he sees the characters in danger on TV in Breaking Wind is reused in Just Be Claus when Cuddles hands him his Easter basket.
  • The "Mmhm!" Splendid makes in Breaking Wind when he starts reading a lone page in the sky is reused in Just Be Claus when he has finished delivering all of the presents.

Instances Where Sounds Are Reused In The Same Episode

  • Lifty and Shifty's laughs.
  • Giggles' scream in Let It Slide is reused twice.
  • Cub repeats the same cry two times after Pop pushes the rowboat in his face in Water Way to Go.
  • Lumpy's "oof" is reused twice in Remains to be Seen. The first time is when Fliqpy stops the lawnmower, the second is when Fliqpy pounces on him.
  • Fliqpy's scream when he pounces on Lumpy is reused when the zombies surround him in Remains to be Seen.
  • Lifty yelling Shifty's name in The Wrong Side of the Tracks. The first time is when Cuddles and Handy's carts disconnect from the others and when he flies across the screen after Shifty.
  • Cub's crying in And the Kitchen Sink is repeated several times during the entirety of the bath scene starting from Cub being placed in the sink the first time to Pop getting an idea after breaking one of Cub's bones.
  • In Party Animal, the squeals that Sniffles makes while holding his breath are reused when the barrel he's in is pushed down a hill.
  • Giggles' angry moan in Every Litter Bit Hurts is used once when she sees Lumpy dumping trash in lake with a truck and later when he kills a flower with his truck's fumes.
  • The way Lumpy screams after seeing Giggles in Dunce Upon a Time is reused later when Cuddles, Sniffles, and Flaky run past him.
  • Cub repeats the same laugh at the beginning and ending of A Hole Lotta Love.
  • Flippy flipping out in Double Whammy Part I.
  • Fliqpy's yell at the beginning of Autopsy Turvy (Double Whammy Part II) is repeated after his first attempt at killing Flippy with a clock chain and weight.
    • Flippy's victorious laugh.
    • Fliqpy's confused noise.
    • Numerous Fliqpy noises throughout the clone fight.
  • In Read 'em and Weep, the scream Petunia makes before her skin tears is reused when she gets pulled through the sink.
  • Nutty's laughs in A Sucker for Love Part 1 are reused whenever he imagines himself spinning with some candy.
    • Nutty's laugh is repeated when he imagines kicking the door to his house.
    • The sound Nutty makes when he breaks the gum ball machine is reused when the chocolate box's water breaks and when the chocolate box visits him in prison.
  • Nutty repeats the same scream in False Alarm. The first time is when he screams into the camera and the second time is after his video game console stops working.
  • The sound Cub makes before he dies in Cubtron Z is reused when he is a robot, but it sounds very distorted.





  • Splendid's season one starring pop-up is reused as a still image for his season two starring pop-up.
  • Nutty's season two starring pop-up is reused for his TV series starring pop-up and his seasons 3-4 featuring pop-up.
  • Flaky, Sniffles, and Disco Bear's season two pop-ups are reused for their Winter Break pop-ups.
  • Handy's season 3-4 starring and featuring pop-up are the same.
  • The Mole's season 3-4 starring and featuring pop-up are the same, only his position is inverted in the latter.