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640-4.png|Cuddles' Mouse riding on his shoulder.
640-4.png|Cuddles' Mouse riding on his shoulder.
2ndJunk84.png|The mouse on its hind legs.
STV1E12.3 2nd Junk 84.png|The mouse on its hind legs.

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This is a list of all of the pets seen in Happy Tree Friends, and are therefore non-anthropomorphic creatures in the Happy Tree Friends universe. They are alike as real pets, but cared by other HTF characters.

By Name


Main article: Mittens

Mittens (also called Honey) is a pale yellow cat that appears numerous times in the series. She appears to be Giggles' pet.


Main article: Whistle

Whistle is a small cute puppy who, upon hearing a whistling sound, turns vicious and kills other characters. He is based off Ken Pontac's dog. All of the characters who see Whistle want to own him but they end up getting killed. Whistle was originally the pet of Pop & Cub, until it attacked them and was taken away by Lumpy.

By Owner

Cuddles' Mouse

A cream/light tan colored mouse Cuddles was seen with in Junk in the Trunk. Lifty and Shifty stole the mouse from Cuddles before his demise. It was later adopted by Lumpy, although his pet elephant appears to be afraid of it.

Handy's Goldfish

An orange goldfish owned by Handy in Shard at Work. After Handy accidentally gets the fish's bowl stuck on his head, he breaks it in an attempt to free himself, but drowning before finally being able to do so. The fish then swims in a pool of blood inside Handy's mouth.

Lumpy's Elephant

Main article: Lumpy's Elephant

This pachyderm appears in Junk in the Trunk as Lumpy's pet, being kept inside a giant hamster cage with tunnels. When Lumpy takes it for a walk, he brings along a big garbage bag for when the elephant "needs to go". He gets mad at it when it pees on the floor, so it runs away. It befriends Mime when he feeds it peanuts, but later ends up killing him. Lifty and Shifty spot the animal and attempt to kidnap it, but they could only do so by destroying their van, lifting the animal by rope, and then reassembling their van around the animal. Lumpy soon goes looking for the animal and discovers it and other pets being stolen by Lifty and Shifty. He manages to reunite with his elephant and adopts the other pets.

Petunia's Green Bird

Main article: Petunia's Green Bird

This bird appears in I Nub You. When Petunia takes it out of its cage, it flies out the window. It later appears at the end of the episode, where it causes the deaths of Petunia and Handy at the hospital by pulling on their stiches (splitting them apart).

Russell's Piranha

Main article: Russell's Piranha

This carnivorous fish appears in Something Fishy as Russell's show-and-tell subject. The fish causes the deaths of Giggles, Petunia, and Russell. It also injures Flaky by eating her hands. Multiple piranhas appear in YouTube Copyright School, where thay are being juggled by Russell. Unfortunately, due to a mistake, they end up attacking him.

Toothy's Tortoise

Main article: Toothy's Tortoise

This tortoise was also stolen by Lifty and Shifty. It was also seen as being vicious, as it eats Lumpy in Letter Late than Never. The tortoise is shown to have a flame painted to its shell.

Sniffles' Blob

Main article: Sniffles' Blob

Sniffles brings the blob creature to life in Pet Peeve. He adopts it as his pet and takes it on a walk, creating misfortune for several characters and eventually himself. The blob has corrosive skin which can penetrate through nearly every surface; as shown with Sniffles' hand, Lumpy's leg, The Mole's windshield, a car seat, and even a concrete road. Its gender is unknown.

Sniffles' Hamster

Sniffles' hamster made its appearance in Something Fishy. It was first seen when Sniffles was showing it off on a pet day in school, when it was running on its wheel. It was later seen being tormented by Russell's hungry pet piranha, where it tried to get away from it while running on its hamster wheel. Giggles then moved the hamster and its cage away from the fish.

Other Pets

Numerous Dogs

Main article: Dogs

Numerous Stolen Pets

There were many pets in Junk in the Trunk stolen by Lifty & Shifty, they were caged in a van, and some were even thrown at a pursuing Lumpy. In the end, Lumpy adopted most of these pets. The kidnapped animals include:

  • A dog resembling Whistle.
  • Two pink pelicans.
  • A frog.
  • A monkey.
  • An alligator.
  • A blue fish.
  • Seven pink parrots.
  • A ram.
  • A green snake.
  • A porcupine (appears at the end).
  • A giraffe (appears at the end).
  • Two penguins (appear at the end).
  • A pig (appears at the end).
  • Cuddles' mouse.
  • Lumpy's elephant.
  • Giggles' cat.
  • Toothy's tortoise (the only pet not adopted by Lumpy. It was thrown at Lumpy and while inside its shell, and it was later seen falling off a ramp at the end).

Pet Store Animals


Pet store.

All of these pets appeared in the pet store in Doggone It.
  • A dark blue cat resembling Mittens.
  • Some small fish and an angel fish in a fish tank.
  • A green bird resembling Petunia's green bird.
  • Three bunnies.
  • A purple turtle.
  • Whistle.
  • A large vicious dog with only its eyes visible in a metal cage.
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