This is a list of all Happy Tree Friends merchandise (toys, games, clothes, etc.).


Bobble Heads

Funko released four collectable bobble heads; Giggles, Nutty, Russell, and Fliqpy. Glow-in-the-dark versions of Giggles and Russell, and a "Funkovision" box set with Nutty and Fliqpy were released exclusively at SDCC 2007.


A collectible that is usually a model or replica of something (Characters, Props, etc.). Stevenson Entertainment Group released both regular and deluxe "cut-up" versions of Cuddles, Giggles, Nutty, Shifty, and Flippy. Toothy, Lumpy, Handy, and Lifty were planned, but were never released. Play Imaginative released two series of blind-boxed figures.

Trexi Figures

A line of vinyl figures released by Play Imaginative. Included in the license were 3" figures of Giggles, Toothy, Petunia, The Mole, Splendid, and Buddhist Monkey, and a "Naughty and Nice" wave which contained 2.5" figures with alternate expressions printed on the back of the head.


Stuffed Dolls and Plushies

Although there are a lot of HTF plushies, only a few are licensed. While companies like Fun 4 All, Hunter Leisure, Play by Play, and others have made plushies of selected characters, most plushies are distributed in Japan. Unlicensed plushies of all the regular characters, including Truffles and Splendont, can be found on sites like eBay.






Dress up as your favorite character.



Decorate your clothes or backpacks with these patches.


Used for decorating backpacks, purses, T-shirts, etc.


Enjoy your whole day drinking from these really cool mugs!

VHS (Debatable)

Happy Tree Friends debuted during the waning days of the VHS format. A VHS version of the First Blood DVD (see below) is rumored to exist, but so far, no known pictures to prove the existence of this VHS version have turned up.


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Video Games

Main article: Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm (video game)

Phone accessories

Accessories for phone protection and cleaning.

Phone Cases

Screen Cleaners

For cellphone/tablet/laptop/monitor screen cleaning.

PC Items

Stuff for your office work with these glorious Happy Tree Friends designs.

USB Flash


Coin Banks

Save your money with those nice-looking Coin Banks.