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Fliqpy's classic killing method: anything sharp.

Flippy has a multitude of killing methods, but the majority occur when he flips out. Despite rarely appearing in the show, he has racked up one of the highest kill counts, and has achieved it in a variety of ways in a small space of time. In other words, he has a very high number of kills compared to his number of appearances. What is also covered is accidents and failed attempts of his, and also unreal methods, such as in Flaky's imagination and Flippy's dreams.


An overview shows the range of killing methods Flippy has made, and, by putting the sections in different orders, it is possible to see which characters he likes to harm the most, which episodes he kills in the most (and with the most variation), and which methods he prefers; this is to name a few, however.

Kill Chart

Flippy's kills in order of character, episode, and method.

Character Episode Killing Method
Cuddles This Is Your Knife Hit with a Rock (crippling)
Flippin' Burgers Straw
Keepin' it Reel Flaky as a Mace
Remains to be Seen Truck Accident
Party Animal Strangulation and Ceiling Fan
Cro-Marmot's Ice Block
Autopsy Turvy (Double Whammy Part II)
Giggles This Is Your Knife Intestinal Garrotte Wire
Flippin' Burgers Ketchup and Mustard Bottles
Remains to be Seen Truck Accident
Double Whammy Part I Propeller/Disembowelment
On My Mind Rose thorns
By The Seat Of Your Pants Stick
Toothy Hide and Seek Neck Breaker
Keepin' it Reel Movie Projector
Remains to be Seen Truck Accident
Party Animal Cake Cutter
Autopsy Turvy (Double Whammy Part II) Cro-Marmot's Ice Block
By The Seat Of Your Pants Decapitation
Lumpy Keepin' it Reel Neck Breaker
A Vicious Cycle Tricycle Tire
In Over Your Hedge Cord
Petunia Hide and Seek Spike Pit
Flippin' Burgers Stove
Keepin' it Reel Popcorn Cooker
Remains to be Seen Truck Accident
Double Whammy Part I Crushing
Handy Remains to be Seen Truck Accident
Severing at the Waist (as a zombie)
Nutty Remains to be Seen Truck Accident
Party Animal Cake Cutter
Double Whammy Part I Water Gun
Random Acts of Silence Pencil sharpener
By The Seat Of Your Pants Drowning
Sniffles Remains to be Seen Truck Accident
Party Animal Knifed Barrel
Double Whammy Part I Arrows (Off-Screen)
Random Acts of Silence Pencils
By The Seat Of Your Pants Head Slicer
Pop Flippin' Burgers Explosion
A Vicious Cycle Electrocution
Cub Flippin' Burgers Explosion
Flaky Hide and Seek Garrotte Wire
This Is Your Knife Campfire
Happy Trails Pt. 2: Jumping the Shark Unknown
Keepin' it Reel Decapitation
By The Seat Of Your Pants Horizontal Slice
The Mole Remains to be Seen Truck Accident
Disco Bear Double Whammy Part I Decapitation (partial)
A Vicious Cycle Shredding (Off Screen)
Russell Remains to be Seen Truck Accident
Lifty Remains to be Seen Truck Accident
Easy For You to Sleigh Combine Harvester
Autopsy Turvy (Double Whammy Part II) Recorder Projectiles
Shifty Remains to be Seen Truck Accident
Easy For You to Sleigh Christmas Tree Cookie
Autopsy Turvy (Double Whammy Part II) Recorder Projectiles
Mime Keepin' it Reel Movie Theater Seat
Remains to be Seen Truck Accident
Party Animal Food Blender
Double Whammy Part I Burning Arrow/Fuel Combination
Random Acts of Silence Spinning chair and machete
Truffles By The Seat Of Your Pants Decapitation
Generic Tree Friends Flippin' Burgers Explosion (3 killed)
Class Act Bowie Knife (1 killed)
Remains to be Seen Truck Accident (many killed)
The Woodpecker Hide and Seek Bowie Knife
Sneaky Operation: Tiger Bomb Dagger
Mouse Ka-Boom Operation: Tiger Bomb Dagger
Tiger General Operation: Tiger Bomb Punching
Tiger Soldiers Operation: Tiger Bomb Ribcage Axe (1 killed)
Stomach Blowgun (7 killed)
Himself Remains to be Seen Truck Accident
Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow Helicopter Rotor

Kills as Normal Flippy

Flippy is generally a very friendly character, which is why most of his kills are by pure accident; but it is possible to notice a few trends even by the accidents he causes, and the similarity to his evil side's killing methods. So far, Flippy has only killed Flaky, Cuddles, Lifty, Shifty, Sneaky, and Mouse Ka-Boom in his normal state.


Even though Flippy's signature weapon is his bowie knife, he has used a dagger in Operation: Tiger Bomb, he had one intended kill, which was the Tiger General, and that had failed because he threw a slice of pizza instead, however, he managed to fatally wound his ally Sneaky by throwing it into his abdomen (which was an accident), and, trying to retrieve it from him, cut his other ally, Mouse Ka-Boom, in half (also an accident).


Punches are a fairly understandable way to injure someone, and he has used this method as his sane self on his evil self, at least, that's what he thought. Even though, to him, he was punching his evil alter ego, he was really just beating himself up on multiple occasions.


Handy, Sniffles, and Lumpy about to help Flippy kill Flaky.

This is the only time Flippy has ever killed a character purposely in his sane state. Handy, Lumpy, and Sniffles, were also present. Offscreen, he and the others all ganged up on Flaky and killed her on an uncharted island in Happy Trails Pt. 2: Jumping the Shark, because she accidentally destroyed their getaway raft.


He was originally flying the helicopter in his evil state to kill Lumpy with the propeller blades. However, from imagining his dream sequence, he snapped out of his evil state and then flew the helicopter out of Lumpy's way, crashing it into Cuddles' house. This causes the helicopter to spin and slice Cuddles and himself with the its tail propeller.


While battling his evil self in the music shop, Fliqpy launches several pipes at Flippy using a harp as a bow. Flippy protects himself by shielding himself with a cymbal, sending some pipes at Lifty and Shifty, who were outside robbing the store. The pipes impale the two raccoons and make them die from blood loss as a result.

Accidental Kills

  • Sneaky: Bowie Knife
  • Mouse Ka-Boom: Bowie Knife
  • Cuddles: Ice block
  • Toothy: Ice block
  • Lifty & Shifty: Recorders

Cro-Marmot's Ice Block

He accidentally splatters Cuddles and Toothy in Autopsy Turvy (Double Whammy Part II).

Hummer SUV

In conjunction with Cro-Marmot's Ice Block, splattered Toothy and Cuddles in Autopsy Turvy (Double Whammy Part II).

Injuries & Failed Attempts

Stupidity slays the beast.

Severing at the Waist

Used on Zombie Handy in Remains to be Seen.


Used on Lumpy, severing his arm, in Remains to be Seen.


Used on Cuddles with balloon strings in Party Animal.

Wood Axe

Never used, but was intended for Lumpy in Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow.

Swinging Log

Failed on Lumpy, injured himself, in Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow.

Unpredictable Attempt

Tried on Lumpy, splashed with water before anything could occur in Double Whammy Part I.


Multiple times to the Tiger General in Tiger Bomb.


Used on the Tiger General in Operation: Tiger Bomb.


Used on Lumpy in By The Seat Of Your Pants.

Unknown Attempt

Pounces on Lumpy but flies into flag pole, being disemboweled, in By The Seat Of Your Pants.


Pushes Cub off his tricycle and prepares to use it as a weapon, only to be struck by lightning, in A Vicious Cycle.

Dream Kills

These kills only occurred in dreams, and thus are not canon with the other deaths.

Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow

His dream in Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow was him riding a unicorn until Fliqpy shows up driving a helicopter, Eventually killing him in his dream. Sometime afterwards, Fliqpy in the helicopter saw Flippy riding on his unicorn again, Which then caused Fliqpy to revert back to normal.

Double Whammy Part I

His dream in Double Whammy Part I is when Flippy dreamed of having tea in peace and harmony with some penguins, and goes horribly wrong when Fliqpy shows up, His hand appearing with a bowie knife in one of the birds' stomachs.

Dream Job

One of Sniffles' dreams in Dream Job involved him being locked in a guillotine with Flippy (most likely in his evil state) as the executioner. Sniffles is helpless as his head and hands are chopped off by the apparatus.

Flaky's Imagination

In the episode Without a Hitch, Flaky experiences hallucinations, her imagination runs wild, where she keeps thinking that Flippy will kill her if he gets near her, there were three scenarios that Flaky 'dreamed up', and were not real in any way. Whether it is down to simple paranoia (Flaky's personality), or whether there is plot continuity between Double Whammy Part I and Without a Hitch is uncertain.

Cheese has never been so deadly.

Car Window

Flippy used a combination of smelly cheese and electric car door windows to kill Flaky in her first hallucination, where in which he used the cheese to force her to go for air, and he seized his chance and decapitated her with the window. This hallucination was triggered out of nowhere.

Lug Wrench

In the second hallucination, Flippy picked up a lug wrench Flaky dropped and rams it into her eyes socket, spins it, and pulls out her eye and optic nerve, he then finishes her with a clean, literally crushing, blow to the head, and finishes up by using her carcass as a new tire. This hallucination was triggered, most likely, from a combination of Flaky's fear of the first hallucination, and the thunder.

Razor Blade/Windshield Wiper Combination

In Flaky's final hallucination, Flippy rams her head through the windshield, and attaches the razor blade to the windshield wiper and it continually slices large chunks of her face off. This hallucination was triggered when Flaky saw the razor blade Flippy pulled out of his bag (this is assumed because Flippy definitely did have a razor blade on him in the episode), and possibly due to her previous hallucinations.