The blurb video of Let it Slide was released on June 27, 2013.


  • BlurB!
  • All these shots were taken using Instagram
  • Except Lumpy who used Teddy Graham's
  • Welcome to Escher Park!
  • 4 entrances at the top!
  • 3 exits at the bottom! Good luck!
  • And now only two slides. What the heck?!
  • Fun Fact: You can still get sunburn if you stand in the...
  • Cub is in an inner tube? He's NEVER been this safe!
  • Well, he didn't drown.
  • At least not the top half anyway.
  • Giggles has seen Lumpy's moose knuckle a lot.
  • I'm sure that won't affect anything.
  • Fun Fact: A water slide without water is sometimes called "a slide"
  • People use them everyday without incident.
  • Unless of course your name is Flaky
  • I can't see with the foreshadows in my eyes!
  • Fun Fact: Skin Floats!
  • Little late Lumpy
  • OMG! I did NOT see that coming!
  • This summer, skin hoodies are soooo in.
  • And moose knuckles are out.


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