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Kringles are short Christmas-themed episodes based on famous Christmas cards. Every episode begins with the opening of a card that has nice decorations. Each episode features one or more (usually more than one) characters doing some activity related to holidays; such as hanging ornaments on a tree, making a snowman, or cooking dinner. However, everything goes wrong and some or all of the characters die. At the end, the card closes and the decorations on the back are burnt and destroyed. The animation of the first Kringles used to be similar to the animation of the second and first internet seasons but, starting with Strain Kringle, the animation style (not only the character and background design, but also the smoothness of the animation) changed, and now it looks like the TV Series and Internet seasons 3 and 4 style. After some Kringles looked like Season 1 and 2 again.

The Episodes are:

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