• In th beginning of the episode, Giggles' head marking is dislocated, however, this is fixed in the Kringles (part 2) video.
    Happy Tree Friends - Kringles (part 2)

    Happy Tree Friends - Kringles (part 2)

    This version of Kringle Tree has the head-marking goof corrected.

  • This is the most viewed Kringle.
  • This is one of the few episodes to feature Giggles not wearing her bow.
  • The YouTube thumbnail spoils Giggles' death.
  • When Giggles says "Oh, wow!", it sounds exactly the same as when Petunia says the same thing in Reindeer Kringle, in her smoochie, and House Warming.
  • An interesting detail in this Kringle is that when Giggles looks at the tree, her Santa hat has smooth edges, but after getting her face hacked, her hat has jagged edges, representing the damage she received.

Cultural References

  • O Tannenbaum (the German original version of "O Christmas Tree") can be heard throughout the episode.


Production Notes

  • Originally, Toothy was supposed to be in this Kringle, but he was changed to Giggles instead.
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