Kringle Tree is the second of the HTF Kringles.


An axe-toting Lumpy and Giggles are standing beside a tree in the middle of a forest. It starts sparkling and Giggles looks at it in awe. Deciding that this is the tree that they want, Lumpy puts his axe down, spits in his hand twice, and rubs them together. Lumpy picks up the axe, closes his eyes, and swings it against the tree with all of his might, producing a squishing noise. Lumpy opens his eyes and looks on in shock, as he realizes that he hit Giggles in the face with the axe, mutilating her. Before the episode ends, Giggles' left eye slowly rolls out onto the axe and falls to the ground.


"Wish you have a Merry Axe-mas!"


  • Giggles is hit in the face with an axe.

Survival Rate

  • Amount of surviving main characters: 1
  • Amount of dead main characters: 1
  • Total Rate: 50%


  1. It should have been completely impossible for Lumpy to put on the hat he is wearing, due to his antlers.
  2. Giggles' face marking is dislocated at the beginning of the short. (fixed in the Happy Tree Friends - Kringles (part 2) )
  3. The direction of Lumpy's antlers changes twice when swings the axe.
  4. Considering how tall he is, there is no way he should have hit Giggles.
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