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Cro-Marmot (Intimate Spotlight).png ...And, p**s off!

This article contains swearing. Be warned as you might see curse words.


Intimate Spotlight is an irregular episode of the Happy Tree Friends series, featuring Cro-Marmot being interviewed.


Cro-Marmot, encased in ice, sits in a studio where he is being interviewed. A British woman conducts the interview, claiming she will get up close and personal with Cro-Marmot. She begins by listing Cro-Marmot's achievements, revealing that he's done a tour on Broadway; is an accomplished painter, writer, and pianist; and has his own line of foot powder. She asks him what is next in his future, but, being encased in ice, he doesn't answer her.

Slightly flustered, she decides to move on, citing that Cro-Marmot was named Sexiest Happy Tree Friend in 1992. She asks him how this has changed his life, but once more she gets no response. The boom mike operator moves the microphone closer to Cro-Marmot, but this only result in light feedback.

Once more deciding to push on, the interviewer asks Cro-Marmot where he gets his inspiration for his loud antics. Upon getting no response a third time, the interviewer states that they are out of time. She thanks Cro-Marmot for his time and awkwardly says she enjoyed their chat. As the credits roll, the interviewer fumes over Cro-Marmot's silence, taking out her frustrations on the crew in the room claiming they're all dead to her.


{the show begins} "Today on Intimate Spotlight, we get up-close and personal with one of the Happy Tree Friends. In a rare appearance, we have in the studio Cro-Marmot. Hello and welcome. Cro? ...Uh, can I call you Cro? You're in a wildly successful show, did a critically-acclaimed tour on Broadway, you're an accomplished painter, writer, and pianist, and you have your own line of foot powder. What's next for Cro-Marmot?"

{Cro-Marmot stays silent}

"...Um, okay. In 1992, you were named Sexiest Happy Tree Friend. How has that changed your life?"

{Microphone is brought closer, Cro-Marmot still doesn't answer}

"...Y-You're known for your loud antics and energetic performances. Where do you draw your inspiration from?"

{Cro-Marmot is still silent}

"...Oh. ...Uhhh, right then. Uh, well I see that we're out of time, ...and it's been a pleasure...uhm...ch-chatting with you."


{To the crew} This is the last time I'm doing this show! Who's the wanker who set up this interview, anyway?! You, you, and you! You're all dead to me! Do you know who I am?! You can't treat me like this! I'll be in my trailer!" {interviewer storms off} "...And, piss off!" {slams door, episode ends}

Survival Rate

  • Amount of surviving main characters: 1
  • Amount of dead main characters: 0
  • Total Rate: 100%