This page lists every instance where a character is aware of someone else's death or injury and shows no sign of negative emotion, or remains oblivious to a death or an injury they should have easily noticed.


Cuddles seems to care about a lot of his friends, but his recklessness makes him oblivious at times. He also tends to pull pranks that causes harm and his mischievous nature makes him rather brush them off.


  • Sweet Ride: He is pleased to see that Nutty died after getting stung by bees, since Nutty was stalking him to steal his ice cream cone.

    Those new toys sure look like a lot of fun!

  • Class Act: He shows no expression upon seeing an injured Sniffles run off the stage.
  • We're Scrooged!: He laughs upon seeing that Toothy's severed finger can squirt blood.
  • Camp Pokeneyeout: While at war with Toothy, he shows no regrets of having injured one of Toothy's eyes with his slingshot.


  • You're Kraken Me Up: He is present at the beach when Lumpy saves "Giggles" from drowning, and does not notice that it is actually Giggles' severed head on a tentacle.


Giggles is perhaps one of the most caring characters in the show, but even she has her moments.


  • Class Act: She shows no concern seeing an injured Sniffles run off the stage.

    To be fair, she didn't have much time to think.

  • Dunce Upon a Time: She does not hesitate to chop Nutty along with the giant beanstalk. (Debatable since Giant Lumpy was climbing down and she had no time to think.)
  • Mime to Five: She sits in the audience at Lumpy's circus and does not react to the deaths of Toothy, Flaky or Cuddles.
  • I've Got You Under My Skin: She does not seem fazed by Lumpy's injuries and subsequent death caused by Sniffles' ship growing inside him.
  • We're Scrooged!: She laughs when Cuddles sprays her with blood from Toothy's severed finger.
  • Put Your Back Into It: Although she is concerned for him at first, Giggles does not pay attention to the fact that Disco Bear is still injured the next day. She also does not react upon seeing Russell serving her his severed head and spine.


  • Snow What? That's What!: She runs past and does not notice the corpses of

    I know she is in a hurry, but still.

    Petunia and Lumpy. (Debatable since she was in a hurry to catch Cro-Marmot before he crashed down the hill.)
  • Eyes Cold Lemonade: She does not notice that Petunia had been killed by the sign falling off the stand, which is understandable, since she was blind at the time.
  • Put Your Back Into It: She does not seem to recognize that Disco Bear's head and spine have been served to her by Russell.


This happy-go-lucky beaver seems to be the character with the least amount of instances of being oblivious to his friends dying. Either that, or he simply does not outlive his friends to see them in such a situation.

Was this the best dentist Nutty could find?


  • Nuttin' but the Tooth: He injures Nutty several times during the episode and does not seem to be worried about it.


  • Better Off Bread: He does not notice that Giggles' body is severely injured (or even dead) when Splendid puts her down beside him.


Due to his lack of intelligence, it is common for Lumpy to remain oblivious to injuries and deaths happening right in front of him. Still possibly due to his low intelligence, Lumpy is also often apathetic to the other characters' suffering, even more often than he is oblivious to them, and can be considered to rival Fliqpy in terms of cruelty.


  • Spin Fun Knowin' Ya: When he notices Cuddles' dismembered hands on the merry-go-round, he simply walks away, pretending to have nothing to do with it.

    Lumpy's customized pogo stick!

  • Pitchin' Impossible: He shows no reaction to Petunia's body right by his stand. (Debatable as he noticed the Ferris wheel coming towards him.)
  • Treasure Those Idol Moments: He hits Flaky with his car and continues to drive as if nothing happened.
  • Meat Me for Lunch: He sells Lifty and Shifty's remains in his butcher shop (Debatable since the look he has at the end of the episode seems to mean he was not aware it was them.)
  • Happy Trails Pt. 1: He yells at Mime for distracting his driving by choking on a peanut. He also seemingly unremorsfully kills Petunia with the gear lever. (Debatable since he was in an urge to prevent the bus from falling off a cliff.)
  • Happy Trails Pt. 2: Jumping the Shark: He, along with Handy, Sniffles and Flippy, mercilessly kills Flaky for popping the raft.
  • Rink Hijinks: He seems more confused than worried when he sees Flaky caught in his floor buffer.
  • Class Act: He completely disregards Sniffles' and Giggles' injuries, forcing Toothy to go on with the play. He escapes through a window when Flaky gets injured.
  • Keepin' It Reel: He shows no reaction upon seeing Fliqpy killing Cuddles and Flaky in front of the movie he was watching.
  • Icy You: He takes no action upon witnessing Nutty dying in his store. He later nonchalantly cleans up his blood.
  • Remains to be Seen: Though an understandable move, he does not hesitate to kill the zombified characters coming out of their graves.
  • Don't Yank My Chain: He beats up Handy and The Mole thinking they are criminals.
  • Doggone It: He shows no concern about the squid holding and injuring Sniffles, Handy, Petunia and Toothy as he takes a long time to take action. He also does not react to Giggles' dead body, instead wondering why Whistle attacks people.
  • Wishy Washy: He simply shows disgust after dragging Disco Bear's remains from the pipe.
  • As You Wish: Even though he was granting Pop's "wish", he lights Cub on fire without thinking twice.
  • Dunce Upon a Time: As a giant, he kills Toothy, Handy, Mime, Flaky, Sniffles and Cuddles without remorse.
  • A Change of Heart: He does not react negatively upon seeing Handy dead, instead being happy to have found a heart.
  • Wingin' It: Though he does not actually witness anyone getting hurt, he has no problem taking all the parachutes with him when Sniffles, the plane's pilot, dies, leaving everyone else on the plane to die.
  • In a Jam: He is happy that Cuddles cut his own eye with a string of his guitar since he can wear an eyepatch like Russell did.
  • Junk in the Trunk: He does not react to Lifty being impaled on his pogo stick, and continues to use it with the latter's body around it.
  • Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow: He remains cheerful after burning Cuddles with a cup of coffee.
  • We're Scrooged!: In his role as a greedy toy store owner, he mercilessly kills Toothy and sells his body parts as toys to make profit.
  • A Bit of a Pickle: Thinking Lammy is a criminal, he does not hesitate to tase her before arresting her.
  • All in Vein: As a vampire, Lumpy kills Giggles, Lammy and Truffles after attempting to drink their blood. He also attemps to drink The Mole's blood after the latter is decapitated in an accident.
  • By the Seat of Your Pants: He does not hesitate to kill Fliqpy in self-defense after the latter attempts to kill him.
  • All Work and No Play: He makes no attempt to help Lammy after she gets her head impaled by a metal bar.
  • A Vicious Cycle: He simply shows curiosity after witnessing Fliqpy get struck by lightning. He also quickly gets over Disco Bear's death and spends the rest of the episode eating chips out of said character's brain.


  • Spin Fun Knowin' Ya: He does not hear Toothy, Giggles or Cuddles flying off the merry-go-round, only realizing that something is wrong when he stops spinning it.

    Dead beavers make the best scarecrows!

  • You're Bakin' Me Crazy: He remains unaware of Giggles' injury and death since he has his shirt on his face, blocking his view.
  • Meat Me for Lunch: The look on his face when Petunia finds an eye in her hot-dog would indicate that he did not know Lifty and Shifty died and that he then sold them in his butcher shop, (Debatable, though it could be argued that he did this out of apathy and was simply shocked to see he forgot to remove the eye.)
  • Keepin' It Reel: Though it is possible he was too far away to witness the deaths of Mime and Petunia, he should have noticed Fliqpy killing Toothy, since he was screaming as his eye was projected at the screen. Lumpy simply boos at the screen, seemingly unaware of what was happening.
  • Let It Slide: He does not notice that he sliced Cub in half while going down the slide. He later unknowingly wears Flaky's skin.
  • Stealing the Spotlight: He hangs up his Christmas lights with Nutty's organs attached to them.
  • From A to Zoo: He puts a box under Toothy to allow him to watch the rhino, not noticing that Toothy had been impaled by the rhino's horn. He later makes a balloon animal out of Cuddles' helium-inflated eye, apparently completely unaware of the eye or Cuddles' body.
  • The Wrong Side of the Tracks: He accidentally kills Mime with a wooden plank with nails sticking out and seemingly never notices.
  • Gems the Breaks: He is completely oblivious to Toothy, Cuddles and Sniffles flying into his wood chipper, not seeing the blood.
  • Home Is Where the Hurt Is: He decapitates The Mole and crushes his head with the top part of a Dutch door, and does not see The Mole's body lying on the floor.
  • Aw, Shucks!: He mistakes Toothy's body for his scarecrow. Once at the fair, he seems oblivious to the mayhem caused by his exploding corn, as he cries over his loss.
  • In a Jam: He is oblivious to Handy's seizure and death as he is playing the guitar with his eyes closed.
  • Junk in the Trunk: He does not notice that he glued his giant poster over Giggles, suffocating her. Later in the episode, when he spots Lifty and Shifty stealing his elephant, he glances several times at his missing poster and still does not notice Giggles' body.
  • Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow: He does not notice that Russell's remains have splattered on the phone booth as the result of his truck exploding.
  • A Bit of a Pickle: He seemingly does not notice that Flaky is dead when he arrests Lammy. (Debatable as he might have seen her and just hurried to arrest Lammy, whom he thought was dangerous.)
  • You're Kraken Me Up: He does not notice that he killed Petunia by jumping off his lifeguard chair. He also saves Giggles' severed head on a tentacle, thinking she is alive. At the end of the episode, he gives milk to a tentacle wearing Cub's head.
  • All Work and No Play: Lumpy does not notice that he is killing Nutty by jackhammering the concrete block he is stuck to. He later gets distracted by Lammy and accidentally kills Sniffles with the crane.


Similar to Giggles, Petunia is a very caring character and is very rarely oblivious to her friends dying or getting injured. However, her OCD can often get in the way of her care for her friends.


  • Class Act: As she is seen in the audience when the stage catches on fire, it is fair to say that she witnessed Sniffles, Giggles and Flaky's injuries without reacting.

    In Petunia's head: (I have to find a shower quick!)

  • Blind Date: She intentionally pepper/skunk sprays Disco Bear when he tries to kiss her.
  • As You Wish: She does not react to Pop's body falling on her. (Debatable since she herself was badly injured at the time.)
  • Home Is Where the Hurt Is: She seems more concerned about being dirty than about Lumpy's death when his remains fall on her head.
  • Put Your Back Into It: Although she is concerned about him at first, she ignores Disco Bear's injury when he flirts with her the following day.


Handy is known for being apathetic and cold towards another characters' death. On some occasions, he even celebrates the other characters' deaths. However, even though Handy is known for being apathetic when someone dies, he still shows emotions now and then, just at a lower rate compared to most of the characters.


  • Wheelin' and Dealin': He tauntingly laughs at Lifty and Shifty, knowing that they would crash had they not stolen his steering wheel.
  • Happy Trails Pt. 2: Jumping the Shark: He, along with Flippy, Sniffles and Lumpy, mercilessly kills Flaky for popping the raft. He also goes along with the decision of throwing Lumpy out of the rocket when it has

    Who needs hands anyway?

    trouble taking off.
  • The Way You Make Me Wheel: He does not seem to notice or care about Lumpy's injury.
  • The Wrong Side of the Tracks: He is completely indifferent to Nutty's death, instead celebrating landing a ring on a peg. He later celebrates Cuddles losing his hands and ignores him falling out of the cart.
  • Ipso Fatso: He shows no emotion over the deaths of Russell and Nutty, instead rejoicing at his survival.
  • In a Jam: He shows no emotion when Cuddles injures his eye with a string of his guitar.
  • Something Fishy: He is seen cheering in the audience after Sniffles, Mime and Russell die.


Although Nutty prioritizes sweets above people, he usually does not ignore other characters' suffering when he takes his mind off of sweets and sugar.


  • Party Animal: Although he is at first concerned about Flaky's allergic reaction, he quickly loses interest when he notices the chocolate chips on the counter.

    Poor Flaky. If those chocolates weren't there, she would have received some much needed help!

  • Mime to Five: As he is seen in the audience at Lumpy's circus, Nutty probably witnessed Toothy, Cuddles and Flaky's death without reacting.
  • Chew Said a Mouthful: He pays no attention to Toothy's death and continues to chase after his jawbreaker.
  • A Sucker for Love Part 1: After Pop manages to remove the lollipop from Cub's face, Nutty is more interested in grabbing it than in Cub's injury.
  • Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm: While he initially showed shock when he has realized he has killed Petunia, he later haves fun playing with her intestines on the car windshield. He also kills The Mole, Lifty, and Shifty without remorse.


  • Class Act: If one is to consider Nutty's point of view at the time, him

    Nutty also really likes blood and cardboard.

    not reacting to biting Sniffles results more from obliviousness than apathy as he most likely did not even notice Sniffles to begin with.
  • Party Animal: While in his sugar-crazed state, he does not notice Fliqpy killing Toothy and Cuddles.


Although he is supposed to be the smartest character, Sniffles usually does not notice or care when he sees his friends suffering. In fact, despite not being portrayed as an antagonist regularly, he has been seen being very apathetic (or even annoyed) towards another characters' death or injury and has occasionally even intentionally killed or attempted to kill other characters, despite being a protagonist. His E.Q is clearly shown to be vastly lower than his !.Q as shown and proven in many episodes.


  • Happy Trails Pt. 2: Jumping the Shark: He, along with Flippy, Handy and Lumpy, mercilessly kills Flaky for popping the raft. He later does not hesitate to throw Lumpy out of the rocket when it has trouble lifting off.

    Sniffles can only solve one problem at a time.

  • A Hard Act to Swallow: As he is their natural predator, he does not hesitate to eat the baby ant.
  • Concrete Solution: He stops just behind a truck with The Mole impaled on the back and shows no reaction to it.
  • Blast From the Past: He eats a prehistoric ant.
  • A Sight for Sore Eyes: He shows no reaction to Toothy's eye injury and subsequent death.
  • In a Jam: He is not alarmed when Cuddles cuts his own eye with a string of his guitar.
  • We're Scrooged!: He does not seem to care about Lumpy losing his eye.
  • Wrath of Con: When the whole convention center collapses, he is directly fascinated by Splendid and does not think about what just happened.


  • I've Got You Under My Skin: As he comes out of his shrinking ship, he

    Sniffles killed himself without him even knowing about it. Could this be considered suicide? Not sure, to be honest...

    does not notice that Lumpy and Giggles are dead.
  • Blast From the Past: He does not seem to notice that he crushed himself with his time machine.


Pop is known for his bad parenting (like real-life bear fathers), so it is not difficult to find instances where he is oblivious to Cub's fate. He also has been unaware of or even apathetic towards other characters' injuries on several occasions. (This could be because he solely cares about his son.)


  • Stealing the Spotlight: When a nail remains stuck in Cub's head, he hammers it deeper, ignoring his son's cries.

    "That's in my way!"

  • Who's to Flame?: When Sniffles explodes because of the fire, he remains totally unfazed, simply kicking one of his hands that landed near him.
  • Something Fishy: He is in the audience and cheers after Sniffles, Mime and Russell die.
  • Read 'em and Weep: He does not hesitate to kill Cub when he thought he was still possessed by The Demon.


  • Chip Off the Ol' Block: He does not seem to notice Cub's body while raking leaves.

    I hope he finds out before drinking...

  • Snip Snip Hooray!: He does not notice that Cub had been killed by the electric razor in his mouth, instead finishing his haircut.
  • Water Way to Go: As he tries to save him, he does not know that Cub is buried underwater just at his feet, and accidentally injures and kills Cub with a boat.
  • Hello Dolly: He is unaware of the fact that Cub had been killed by the water of a fire hydrant, as he keeps reading his newspaper throughout the whole incident.
  • Don't Yank My Chain: While sitting in the train, he does not notice Handy being dragged below his window.
  • Concrete Solution: He does not notice Cub being crushed by Nutty's concrete-filled stomach, and he even goes shopping with the stomach wearing Cub's beanie.
  • Every Litter Bit Hurts: He picks up Cub's remains and does not recognize his son, only panicking when he sees Cub's beanie floating on the lake's surface.
  • Bottled Up Inside: After Russell accidentally runs over Cub, Pop spends the whole episode not noticing that his son is gone. When he goes to get a glass of water from a dispenser, he does not notice Russell's remains in the bottle, nor the blood filling his cup.
  • Something Fishy: As everyone else in the audience cheers over the deaths of Sniffles, Mime and Russell, he goes along not knowing what happened.
  • You're Kraken Me Up: While buried in the sand, he does not see Petunia's head landing next to Cub.
  • A Handy Nanny: When Pop comes back home, he does not notice that Handy is injured, and unknowingly kills him with a fan. He also does not notice the eyeball stuck to Cub's pacifier.


Being a baby, Cub does not understand the concept of death yet and therefore shows no negative reaction when confronted to a character's death.


  • Havin' A Ball: He comes down the cliff and picks up his ball, ignoring Pop's remains.

    Poor Cub doesn't realize what happened.

  • Rink Hijinks: He laughs as Lumpy crashes through the claw machine he is using. Later, he is happy to hold Lumpy's heart.
  • Don't Yank My Chain: He laughs and waves at Handy as the latter is dragged alongside the train.
  • Who's to Flame?: He pays no attention to Sniffles' death and picks up his firefighter helmet.
  • Just Desert: He simply plays with Lumpy's skull as if it were a seashell.
  • You're Kraken Me Up: He smiles at Petunia's severed head, not realizing what had happened.
  • A Vicious Cycle: He seems dumbfounded when confronted with Fliqpy's and Disco Bear's deaths. He also does not seem to care that an eye is stuck to his tricycle's bell.
  • Spare Tire: He plays with the tire attached to The Mole's intestines, paying no attention to the body.
  • A Handy Nanny: He laughs at Handy when the latter injures his eye.
  • Cubtron Z: He uses Cuddles, Petunia, and Giggles' bodies to draw on a building.


It goes without saying that Flaky would never ignore her friends' screams and pain.


  • Without a Hitch: She stabs Flippy in the eye after believing he was trying to kill her.

    Flaky's paranoia was too much this time.


  • The Chokes on You: She does not notice that the doughnut she received from The Mole is made of (Lumpy's) flesh.
  • Random Acts of Silence: She walks into the library and does not seem to notice Sniffles', Nutty's and Mime's remains behind Fliqpy.

The Mole

Due to him being blind, he cannot even tell if he is causing harm or notice the mayhem around him.


  • In a Jam: He mindlessly butchers Cuddles' arm while trying to take his blood.

    Perhaps it's not the best idea to go to a blind person for donating blood.


  • Pitchin' Impossible: He causes the deaths of Petunia and Lumpy.
  • Spare Me: He simply forces his fingers through Sniffles' eyes without questioning it.
  • Out of Sight, Out of Mime: He unknowingly carves Mime's severed head thinking it to be a pumpkin.
  • Blind Date: He goes on a date with a dead Lumpy. He also pushes a car with Disco Bear and Petunia off a cliff.

    He actually went the whole episode with that.

  • Party Animal: He is oblivious to Fliqpy killing Toothy, Cuddles, Nutty, Mime and Sniffles. He also wanders around and ends up piercing a swollen Flaky with a pin, killing her and himself as a result.
  • Ipso Fatso: He mistakes Disco Bear's severed head for a watermelon.
  • Who's to Flame?: He is oblivious to Handy's remains landing near him when he gets sliced by the blades of his helicopter.
  • Every Litter Bit Hurts: He accidentally pierces Sniffles' foot with his litter stick. He also pierces and picks Giggles' heart at the end of the episode.
  • Mime to Five: He sits at the circus and remains oblivious to the deaths of Toothy, Cuddles and Flaky.
  • Chew Said a Mouthful: He unknowingly stabs Mime with the nozzle of the ketchup dispenser when Nutty steals his hot-dog cart.
  • See What Develops: He mistakes a roll of Mime's skin for a roll of film he dropped.
  • Home Is Where the Hurt Is: He accidentally pushes Cuddles into a wood chipper.
  • A Sight for Sore Eyes: He obliviously crashes his car into a wall and injures Sniffles. He later kills Handy with a lawn mower.
  • Wipe Out!: He does not notice that Lumpy landed on the surfboard he was shaping, and subsequently carves him into said surfboard.
  • Easy Comb, Easy Go: He cuts Lumpy's skin when he shaves him.
  • Can't Stop Coffin: He mistakes a coffin with Cuddles inside as his fridge and eats Cuddles' eye thinking it to be an apple.
  • A Sucker for Love Part 2: He drives over Nutty and drags him along the road.
  • All Flocked Up: He mistakes Lumpy's heart for a bird and takes it back to a nest.
  • Something Fishy: As everyone else in the audience cheers over the deaths of Sniffles, Mime and Russell, he goes along not knowing what happened.
  • The Chokes on You: He goes the whole episode without noticing that Lumpy is choking and injured. He also makes doughnuts out of Lumpy's boiled hand.
  • No Time Like the Present: He does not notice the deaths of Handy and Lumpy, thinking the former is a log and a slice of the latter a vinyl record.
  • Camp Pokeneyeout: He takes Petunia's slingshot, not noticing that her eyes are stuck to it.

Disco Bear

He does not have moments to witness other characters' deaths or suffering, because if he did, this list would probably be longer. However, when he does, he mostly mistakes their pain and screaming in agony as dancing. 


  • A Vicious Cycle: He simply seems curious after seeing Fliqpy get struck by lightning.


  • Stayin' Alive: He accidentally injures Giggles and Petunia and thinks they are dancing, obliviously dancing along with them.

    A classic Disco Bear moment.

  • Ski Ya, Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya!: He does not notice that Flaky is dead when she arrives at his door, smiling at her until she falls apart into a pile of cubes.
  • Aw, Shucks!: He does not notice that Giggles had been killed by a giant piece of popcorn, continues to flirt with her and tries to kiss her before getting killed himself.
  • Easy Comb, Easy Go: He is too shocked at the sight of his cotton candy wig melting to notice that this was caused by Nutty's blood.


Russell is like the average character, as he is not oblivious to other characters suffering too often. Some of these examples could be because of his poor eyesight.


  • Mime to Five: He sits in the audience at Lumpy's circus and most likely witnesses Toothy, Cuddles and Flaky's deaths without reacting.

    Maybe he just didn't notice?

  • Something Fishy: He shows no concern upon seeing Flaky running down the hallway missing the flesh on her hands. (Debatable since it is possible he did not notice her injury.)


  • You're Kraken Me Up: He does not notice that a tentacle wearing Giggles' head

    I wonder if anything is wrong here...

    has taken the place of the real Giggles.
  • Put Your Back Into It: He does not realize that he killed Disco Bear with his fishing rod, cooks his head and serves it to Giggles. (Debatable if it is possible that since he has poor eyesight because he has only one eye.)


Lifty will often disregard other characters when he can steal something from them, even going as far as injuring or killing characters himself.


  • Milkin' It: He laughs when Lumpy dies trying to stop him and Shifty from stealing his cow.

    Got the lamp... And your arms!

  • The Wrong Side of the Tracks: He smirks when he realizes Shifty died due to the turnstile while he survived.
  • Who's to Flame?: He does not care about Pop being dead, as he and Shifty take the occasion to steal his wallet.
  • As You Wish: He smirks as he ripped off Sniffles' arms in order to get the magic lamp back from him.
  • Gems the Breaks: He, along with Shifty, spends the whole episode torturing Splendid with the kryptonut. He also notices Giggles and Petunia catching on fire and takes that as a sign of danger, leaving them behind.
  • Junk in the Trunk: He does not care about Cuddles' death as he and Shifty spend two days building the truck around Lumpy's elephant with Cuddles' remains sitting right beside it. He also tries to hurt Lumpy by throwing animals at him in order to stop him from catching up to them.
  • Swelter Skelter: He stands still as Shifty kills Nutty for his ice cream and is only saddened by the ice cream melting on the ground.



Similar to Lifty, Shifty will go to great lenghts to steal from other characters, though he is also often seen happy about his brother's demise: a trait which Lifty does not share.


  • Milkin' It: He smirks when Lumpy dies trying to stop him and Lifty from stealing his cow. He later throws Lifty out of the hot air balloon in order to try and save himself.

    "More money for me!"

  • Sea What I Found: He leaves Lifty behind after he has been trapped under a beam, heading for the exit as the submarine and everything inside it starts melting.
  • Who's to Flame?: He does not care about Pop's corpse as he and Lifty take the opportunity to steal his wallet. He smirks when Lifty gets crushed by an engine block as he takes the wallet back from his brother.
  • As You Wish: He smirks when Lifty rips Sniffles' arms off to take the magic lamp back from him. He later notices that Lifty drove over Cub but does not seem to care.
  • Gems the Breaks: He, along with Lifty, spends the whole episode torturing Splendid with the kryptonut. He also sees Giggles and Petunia catch on fire and takes that as a sign of danger, leaving them behind.
  • Junk in the Trunk: He does not care about Cuddles' death as he and Lifty rebuild the truck around Lumpy's elephant, with Cuddles' remains sitting right beside it.
  • Swelter Skelter: He kills Nutty for his ice cream and only gets sad when the ice cream melts on the ground.
  • Buns of Steal: He smirks at Lifty's death, using his brother's veins as a tightrope and kicking his head off. He also does not care about Cuddles' death, instead stealing his bun when he dies.


Mime mostly has quick reactions to other characters dying, but even he has his moments.


  • A Hole Lotta Love: He smiles when Petunia gets cut in half along with her car, since he did not get run over.
  • Mime to Five: He does not react when Sniffles' dead body is carried to shore by the waves, only being disappointed about failing the job. Later, he is only relieved to have survived the duck attack, and quickly forgets about it when he notices Lumpy's wallet on the ground.

    Come on, Mime, we'd expect that from The Mole, but you!?


  • Wingin' It: When Flaky calls him to report Cuddles' death, he thinks Cuddles is simply napping.


Since Cro-Marmot cannot move or talk, it is difficult to determine if he is apathetic to others' deaths, but some of his actions seem to indicate so. Cro-Marmot appears to have somewhat of a competitive streak and would taunt or gloat on the characters' death if he won a certain competition.


  • Snow What? That's What!: He throws a snowball at a dead Giggles.

    I didn't know the loser was turned into a surfboard!

  • Wipe Out!: He causes Lumpy's death and brings his body carved into a surfboard back home.
  • Swelter Skelter: He is seen "relaxing" with a glass of lemonade after Lifty and Shifty die.


Flippy usually stays flipped out until the end of the episode, so he is rarely confronted to the deaths he caused (with a few exceptions).


  • Happy Trails Pt. 2: Jumping the Shark: He, along with Lumpy, Handy and Sniffles, mercilessly kills Flaky for popping the raft

    It's way less creepy when Flippy is still flipped out!

    . He also agrees to throw Lumpy out of the rocket when it has trouble lifting off.
  • Party Animal: At the end of the episode, he drinks Mime's blood in the middle of the remains of everyone at the party and does not seem to be shocked in the slightest.



When flipped out, Flippy believes he is at war and that the other characters are enemy soldiers. As such, he intentionally kills them.


  • Hide and Seek: He kills Toothy, Flaky and Petunia.

    You could take any Fliqpy moment, really.

  • This Is Your Knife: He kills Cuddles, Giggles and Flaky.
  • Flippin' Burgers: He kills Cuddles, Giggles and Petunia inside the restaurant, as well as Pop, Cub and some Generic Tree Friends in the explosion. He also dips a fry in Cuddles' blood and eats it.
  • Class Act: He is seen attacking a Generic Tree Friend when everybody is outside.
  • Keepin' It Reel: He kills Mime, Petunia, Flaky, Cuddles, Toothy and Lumpy.
  • Remains to be Seen: He kills a large group of characters by running them over with his truck. As a zombie, he attempts to kill Lumpy and rips off the upper half of Handy's body.
  • Easy For You to Sleigh: He kills Lifty and Shifty.
  • Double Whammy Part I: He kills Disco Bear, Petunia, Giggles, Sniffles, Mime and Nutty. (Though, when going back to his normal self, he is shocked about what he has done.)
  • Random Acts of Silence: He kills Sniffles, Nutty and Mime. It is worth noting that Fliqpy waits until Nutty is conscious before he starts to shred him to death, possibly wanting Nutty to suffer as he was killed.
  • By the Seat of Your Pants: He injures and tries to kill Lumpy. He kills Toothy, Sniffles, Giggles, Flaky and Truffles, and injures Handy.
  • A Vicious Cycle: He kills Disco Bear, Pop and Lumpy while possessing Cub's tricycle.
  • In Over Your Hedge: He injures and kills Lumpy.


Splendid is known for making the situation worse by trying to help. As such, he has been unaware of characters' deaths more than a few times. That being said, Splendid can be considered as apathetic as he is clumsy, since he has tried to run away from the deaths he has caused or killed characters on his own accord several times.


  • Helping Helps: Splendid can be considered apathetic as he really quickly tries to cover up the accident and acts as if nothing happened.

    He would have attacked a blind guy!

  • Better Off Bread: He ignores Giggles screaming for help over baking his bread.
  • From Hero to Eternity: He does not care about killing Cuddles and injuring Giggles. He later picks up a tank truck to stop the snowball without saving the driver (Lumpy) first.
  • Gems the Breaks: He does not react to killing Handy, even though nothing was blocking his vision. He also purposefully kills The Mole, and later Lifty and Shifty.
  • See What Develops: Though it does not actually happen, one can see that Splendid would not hesitate to beat up The Mole if he caught him, seeing how he started attacking Giggles whom he mistook for The Mole.
  • Wrath of Con: He does not seem to care much about destroying the convention center, and quickly flies away when he realizes he crushed Sniffles.
  • Breaking Wind: When he turns back to cut the wire attached to his leg, he does not seem to care about Lumpy's dead body.


  • Better Off Bread: He spends the whole episode injuring Giggles and does not notice, even when he finally puts her down.

    Another job well done!

  • Gems the Breaks: He accidentally sets Giggles and Petunia on fire while trying to stop Lifty and Shifty with his heat vision. He later kills Cub by following them with his heat vision.
  • See What Develops: He flies past Nutty, Disco Bear and Flaky drowning while trying to catch The Mole.
  • Wrath of Con: He accidentally kills Mime, Disco Bear and Russell in the process of getting rid of the lead of his pen and does not notice their dead bodies.
  • Breaking Wind: He accidentally kills Lumpy by pulling on a cable wrapped around him. He also accidentally kills Cuddles by flying into him while blinded by a page of his book.
  • Just Be Claus: He rips off Lumpy's beard thinking it to be part of his Santa costume. He crushes Petunia's hand while turning the coal ring into a diamond. He rips off Cuddles' skin thinking it to part of an Easter bunny costume.


Lammy ironically has the least amount of moments of apathy and obliviousness, despite her somewhat frequent kill count. However, it's be contribute to how it's mostly Mr. Pickles' fault whenever a character is killed and she would try her best to stop him, which usually leads to disasterous results.


  • You're Kraken Me Up: She stands on the beach when Lumpy tries to save "Giggles", and does not notice that it is actually Giggles' severed head on a tentacle.

    Like Cuddles, she really doesn't notice anything suspicious...

Mr. Pickels

Similar to Fliqpy, Mr. Pickels is portrayed as a character who has no remorse about killing someone.




The Ants

Generic Tree Friends

  • Class Act: The Generic Tree Friends in the audience do not react to Sniffles', Giggles' or Flaky's injuries. They also kill Cuddles when he blocks the exit with his costume. (Debatable since they were panicking because of the fire.)
  • Autopsy Turvy (Double Whammy Part II): A Generic Tree Friend drives a truck and runs over Flippy.
  • Something Fishy: Generic Tree Friends can be heard cheering as Sniffles, Mime and Russell are dead on stage.

Pod Lumpys

  • Peas in a Pod: Some Pod Lumpys kill Petunia, Cuddles and Sniffles, and attempt to kill Toot

    This Pod Lumpy thinks Cuddles needs to be cleaner.

    hy thinking it to be part of Lumpy's chores.

Prehistoric Sniffles

  • Blast From the Past: Following Sniffles' example, Prehistoric Sniffles eats the ant on his shoulder and likes it.


  • Helping Helps: Giggles' Mom does not notice that her daughter is dead when Splendid brings her body back, even after

    She sees Splendid with dead Giggles, but never notices.

    the acorn replacing her head falls and she is spattered with blood.
  • Ski Patrol: The Narrator always applauds Lumpy's actions, despite the fact that he always does horribly. The Narrator gives him instructions, but makes mistakes; the same goes for Lumpy if the Narrator is at least sometimes correct. Because of their "careless stupidity", others die.
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