The blurb video of this episode was released on September 18th, 2015.


  • BlurB!
  • This is a play on words... I think it means you're cold
  • Convenient stores are usually not very convenient
  • Nutty uses candy as camouflage
  • Nobody has the heart to tell him we can see him
  • The scary thing is, those aren't pockets
  • Where are the hot dogs?
  • It's good to know you can count on Nutty to rob you if your tongue is ever stuck in a hot dog machine
  • Nutty can't resist oversized cups
  • Clean up aisle 4!
  • EWWW! That is so unsanitary
  • Brain Freeze POV!
  • Those are some SERIOUSLY chapped lips
  • but his teeth look AMAZING!!
  • Death by popping after drinking slushies is the #2 death in convenient stores
  • Death by automatic doors is #1
  • by a lot
  • Lumpy is very much a "if life gives you lemons, make lemonade" type of guy
  • In this case, life gave him a hot dog roller. Good Luck Lumpy!
  • Too bad it didn't give him better shoes


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