Hare Trigger is a Happy Tree Friends arcade game exclusive to The objective of the game is to fire Cuddles from the cannon as far as you can. Description

Do you have a short fuse? Play the game and have a blast with Cuddles, the high flying hare-ball!


After clicking the Play button, you'll see Cuddles and Toothy preparing for the cannon stunt (a reference to Mime to Five). Aim the cannon by using the up and down arrow keys. Use the space bar to fire. A gauge will be shown before the cannon actually fires. The gauge itself will influence the launch power of the cannon. Press the space bar again to launch Cuddles. The more the dark blue part in the gauge, the farther Cuddles will be launched. When Cuddles is in flight, you'll see that there are various objects along the way. Trampolines give Cuddles another chance to stay on air. Gun powder barrels will recharge the Blast meter, allowing Cuddles to fly farther. Shovels will cause Cuddles to get stuck, thus ending the game. The same goes with ducks, which will devour Cuddles if he lands on them. While in flight, you can give Cuddles a blast of power by pressing the space bar, giving you extra distance. The power can only be used twice though.

Ewww hes dead

Cuddles as he appears when the game is over.


  • (If landed on killer ducks) Cuddles gets eaten by the killer ducks.
  • (If landed on a shovel) Cuddles intestines gets wrapped around a shovel.
  • (If landed on ground) Cuddles dies from blood loss.


  • Cuddles gets cut in half at the waist with his intestines holding his two halves together.


  • The entire game is based on the cannon scene in the episode Mime to Five. Cuddles also suffers the same injury. The main difference is that the game takes place in the outdoors rather than in a tent.
    • Also, in the former however, Toothy remains unharmed after the cannon is fired, unlike where he is reduced to ash in the latter.
  • If one uses the internet browser's Inspect Element menu, the file name for this game is named stimpy1.swf. This game actually uses the same game mechanics as "Ren & Stimpy's Crazy Cannon", another online flash game.
  • This game is very similar to another HTF game, Strandead. Here are the differences:
    • Strandead: Giggles is playable. Hare Trigger: Cuddles is playable.
    • Strandead: Distance is limited (3,000 ft.). Hare Trigger: Distance is unlimited.
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