Happy Tree Friends is dead! was a message that appeared at the end of several Break shorts at the time Happy Tree Friends took a hiatus, lasting from September 2010 to December 2011. The message consisted of the HTF Break logo, but with "Break" crossed out and "is dead!" written next to it.



The message spawned during the hiatus of the series, following the episode See You Later, Elevator. It created controversy among fans that the series would be ended. But then, the "is dead" part is erased at the end of Butter Me Up, hinting the end of the year-long hiatus. The following breaks, Cheesy Does It and Tunnel Vision, ended with just the HTF Break logo and signaled the making of new episodes, beginning with Clause For Concern.


  • The message was most likely a joke by Mondo Media to fool fans. The "is dead" part is probably a joke on the series' characters dying a lot.
  • As the previous short, Happy New Year, said there would be new episodes, this left fans confused. This probably meant that the episodes were set to air the following year, not the present year it aired.
  • Because all of these Breaks took place in a movie theater, some fans believed a second TV season or a movie of Happy Tree Friends might have been in the making.
  • These Breaks were originally animated as TV spots for G4, but never aired there, which explains the older animation style.
  • According to Warren Graff's reply on a blog, the hiatus occurred due to the show being low on funds.
  • After Dream Job, the production of episodes once again came to a halt, this time due to the production of a movie based on the series, and Kenn Navarro creating his own YouTube channel called Zwak.


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