Many cartoons are known to recreate everyday situations or scenarios by altering real-life logic, thus making the scenes look ridiculous, unpredictable and somewhat unrealistic. While Happy Tree Friends sometimes follows real-life logic, it is popular for turning ordinary situations into gruesome deaths and injuries which simply cannot happen in the real world.

Below are instances where characters have experienced deaths or injuries which, in real life, would have turned out very differently and usually end up with less dramatic results.



If plastic straws can do this much damage, Cuddles must be made of paper.

  • Banjo Frenzy: Gets hit with a banjo and is vertically split in half.
    • In reality, he would be left with bruises and minor injuries.
  • Spin Fun Knowin' Ya/Blast from the Past: Tries clinging onto the handles of a merry-go-round, tearing his arms off and sending him flying into a plane engine.
    • He would have just fallen onto the ground with minimal injury. It would have taken a lot more power to do this kind of damage.
  • Water You Wading For: Jumps into a pond and is attacked by piranhas, sea lions, an alligator, and finally crushed by a whale.
    • None of these animals coexist in the same habitat.
  • Sweet Ride: Skates into a staircase and his body is split apart by the steps.
    • He would have tripped and skinned himself, and receive a few other injuries as well.
  • Happy Trails Pt. 1: A bus window closes on him and dismembers his upper torso and hands.
    • At worst, he would get stuck halfway out the window.
  • Flippin' Burgers: Fliqpy stabs him in the chest with a straw, causing him to bleed to death.
    • A plastic straw is far too weak to do this much damage, and it would have bent. If it hit his neck right next to his trachea, it could cause injury, but the wound would be too low for it to be fatal. If it did impale him, it would have taken much longer for Cuddles to die.
  • Class Act: Gets pushed through the door in his costume, brutally squeezing him through the face hole and reducing him to a bloody mush.
    • His costume would break, or with enough force, the door would break open.
  • Let It Slide: Slides into a broken water slide tunnel and is vertically cut in half by the split segment of the slide.
    • He would have had his feet cut slightly. Other than that, he would have stopped moving once hitting the slide.
  • From A to Zoo: His right eye is impaled by a helium tank, causing his other eye to inflate and float out of its socket.
    • His eye would have been put out.
  • Party Animal: Gets his neck tied to balloons by Fliqpy and is carried up into a ceiling fan, shredding him to bits.
    • He would have been slightly choked. A wooden ceiling fan is too weak and slow to slice someone. If anything, the balloon strings should have stopped the fan from spinning, causing Cuddles to suffocate.
  • Ipso Fatso: Crashes his car into a tree, forcing his body through the hole of the tree and turning it into mush.
    • He would be injured or killed in the crash, but he would have been knocked into the windshield or the trunk of the tree instead of being forced through the hole.
  • A Hole Lotta Love: A window falls on him and small pieces of glass cut his body, slicing him like an apple.
    • He would have received various small cuts all over his body.
  • Blast From the Past: Gets launched into space by a seesaw, freezing and subsequently getting shattered into pieces when a satellite flies into him.
    • No amount of force from a seesaw could launch Cuddles into space in the first place. At worst, he would be launched a short height into the air and land on the ground with a few injuries. If he did get launched into space, he would have suffocated from a lack of oxygen.
  • See What Develops: Is frozen by Splendid's breath and shatters into cube-shaped pieces from his heat vision.
    • Splendid's heat vision should have simply melted the ice.
  • Aw, Shucks!: Is struck by a railroad crossing gate and split in half.
    • Crossing gates do not move that fast, and even so, Cuddles would have simply been hit on the head and possibly knocked onto the ground.
  • Wingin' It: Lumpy pushes his chair into Cuddles' torso, splitting him in two with only his intestines intact.
    • He would have been slightly jabbed in the stomach.
  • Easy Comb, Easy Go: Accidentally drinks hair growth formula, causing hair to grow inside his body and suffocate after coughing out his organs.
    • Hair cannot grow inside of someone's body, and Cuddles would have either been poisoned or ill from drinking the hair growth formula's contents. Even so, he would have died as soon as he coughed out his organs.
  • In a Jam: Is injected with chair stuffing and his body forms into a recliner.
    • There is no liquid inside chairs, so Cuddles' death would not be possible in the first place. Even so, his body should have burst from that amount of stuffing.
  • Junk in the Trunk: Is lifted towards a pulley by the weight of an elephant and has his entire body pulled through its wheel.
    • Cuddles would have just hit the pulley wheel, injuring his hands and falling.
  • Strain Kringle: Gets impaled by his telescope when it is hit by a rock.
    • The rock would have possibly knocked him out of the tree. The force of the throw may only have been enough to warrant a black eye.
  • Claw: His bottom half is torn off after Lifty and Shifty try to free him from the claw; he tears through his skin after the claw picks him up.
    • He would have been freed from the claw's grasp with a few injuries.
  • Peas in a Pod: A Pod Lumpy crushes kills him with the soft end of a mop.
    • It would not be possible for someone to be killed by the soft end of a mop.
  • Buns of Steal: Lifty's veins and arteries tied to two trucks push his neck against a tree, decapitating him.
    • A bunch of soft cord-like tubes like veins or arteries, though being connected to two trucks, are not capable of decapitating someone. They would just push his neck a little, and then they would just rip off.


S4E7 Tireinflation

She can still be saved!

  • Banjo Frenzy: Is decapitated by a banjo.
    • She would be injured and bruised from the impact.
  • Spin Fun Knowin' Ya/Blast from the Past: Flies from a merry-go-round into a tree stump and is horizontally split in half. A metal bar from the ride also impales her.
    • She would have bruised or broken her back and hit the ground. The bar would just hit her stomach and give her a bruise; it would have to take more power to impale her.
  • Helping Helps: Hits a tree branch while being carried by Splendid, decapitating her.
    • She would have been injured by the tree branch.
  • You're Bakin' Me Crazy: Has an eggbeater launched into her face, mutilating her eyes and brain.
    • The eggbeater would bounce off her face, giving her a few bruises.
  • Flippin' Burgers: Has mustard and ketchup bottles forced into her ears through her nose, suffocating her.
    • Nothing would happen, besides the fact her ears would be clogged with ketchup and mustard.
  • Eyes Cold Lemonade: A wooden sign swings toward her face, skinning her face.
    • She would have been mildly scratched.
  • Class Act: A sandbag falls on her costume with her inside, cutting off her face.
    • The gift costume would have broken from the force of the sandbag, but her face would only be slightly injured.
  • Better Off Bread: Splendid flies so fast that her eyeballs fall out of her eye sockets and her head skinned off.
    • Going at a fast speed could not cause someone's eyeballs to pop out, nor someone's head to be skinned.
  • Giggles' Valentine Smoochie: Builds up a big sneeze from the bouquet of roses, causing her brain to burst out of the back of her head and her ears to bleed; licks an envelope which slices the tip of her tongue off, causing her to bleed to death.
    • Sneezing is never capable of doing this damage, no matter how big it is; a piece of paper is incapable of slicing someone's tongue off, and she would have only received a small paper cut. If the tip of her tongue did get sliced off, Giggles would have taken longer to die.
  • Every Litter Bit Hurts The Mole impales her in the back with a litter picker, puncturing her heart out of her chest.
    • At worst, she would draw blood, but nothing further than that.
  • Mime to Five: Is eaten alive by killer ducks.
    • There are no such things as killer ducks.
  • Blast From the Past: Gets crushed to death by the ropes of the swing set after bouncing off Sniffles' net.
    • She would have landed safely in Sniffles' net and on the ground.
  • Wipe Out!: Gets her lips stuck and then torn off from kissing Cro-Marmot's ice.
    • She would have easily gotten her lips pulled off with little to no injuries.
  • Letter Late than Never: A sweater shrinks on her body after getting wet, causing her head to fly off and deflate like a balloon.
    • The sweater would only slightly shrink and feel tight overtime; clothes cannot shrink this rapidly.
  • I've Got You Under My Skin: Gets impaled through the head when Sniffles' shrinking machine re-enlarges.
    • She would have been knocked out of the way.
  • Junk in the Trunk: Is covered by a wet poster onto a brick wall and suffocates.
    • Her weight alone would force the poster to fall off, or she could have ripped through it.
  • Double Whammy Part I: Fliqpy strikes her in the back of the head, causing her eyes to pop out and get caught in a propeller, soon disemboweling her.
    • She would have have been simply hit in the head without her eyes popping out. If her eyes did pop out, a propeller for a carnival ride would not be designed to spin fast enough to do any serious damage; the worst that would happen is that her eyes would have been torn out of her head.
  • Swelter Skelter: Slides down a hot slide and the flesh of her buttocks is melted from the heat.
    • A heatwave could never get a slide to that scalding temperature. She would just be slightly burned.
  • Butter Me Up: Hot butter splashes on her face, melting her eye and giving her severe burns.
    • Depending on the heat, her face would be slightly burnt.
  • On My Mind: Flippy pushes a rose stem into the side of Giggles' head.
    • A rose stem is too weak for this and would have bent under the pressure.
  • Royal Flush: Gets sliced into pieces by poker cards.
    • She would have just been hit by the cards which would just bounce off.
  • All In Vein: Is crushed like a soda can by Lumpy.
    • It is impossible for a person to flatten someone with just bare hands. (Although Lumpy was intentionally given super-strength for being a vampire, the injury still is still rather exaggerated.)
  • Buns of Steal: Is sliced in half by a piece of torched metal from a truck.
    • The metal would have just hit her, and she would receive a cut along the waist and possibly some burns.
  • Spare Tire: A road sign slices her torso in three pieces. Sniffles later revives her simply by replacing the lost segment of her torso with a tire and inflating it.
    • Road signs are too weak to slice somebody's body, and she would have received a few cuts. Under such a condition, she would have certainly died with no way to revive her.


Eye Candy (3)

The "never run with scissors" rule applies to more than just scissors.

  • Banjo Frenzy: Lumpy swings his banjo at him, decapitating him. His disembodied head later bites onto Lumpy's foot.
    • He would have been mildly injured or knocked out, depending on the strength of the impact. It is virtually impossible to survive decapitation.
  • Spin Fun Knowin' Ya/Blast from the Past: Flies off the merry-go-round and breaks his spine against a tree.
    • He would just fall and hit the ground. It would have taken a lot more power to do this.
  • Treasure Those Idol Moments: A swing seat hits Toothy though the back of the head and through his mouth, knocking out his teeth.
    • The swing would have only knocked him over.
  • Mime and Mime Again: His left leg and then his entire body gets pulled into a fan by his bandages.
    • Toothy is too heavy to be pulled away by a miniature fan. The fan should be way more enormous to actually pull him up. The bandage that got stuck in the fan would have simply ripped off, disconnecting Toothy's body with the device. In addition, the fan clutches should have prevented the blades from dragging Toothy through them. 
  • Eye Candy: Trips over a log, forcing a lollipop into his eye socket.
    • At the worst, his eye or face would have been slightly wounded.
  • Keepin' it Reel: Gets hit through the head by Fliqpy with a projector.
    • He would have simply been knocked over.
  • Ski Kringle: He and Sniffles are impaled through the heads by Lumpy's skis.
    • He would have been slightly or severely injured depending on Lumpy's speed.
  • Ski Patrol: Is inflated by an oxygen tank and floats away like a balloon.
    • He would suffocate from the overdose of oxygen.
  • Toothy's Easter Smoochie: Swallows multiple chick eggs, which hatch and then burst out of his stomach.
    • He could not be able to swallow the eggs whole, and he would have had to chew them first. Also, the chicks would have been dissolved in his stomach.
  • Ipso Fatso: Becomes too weak to lift up a barbell and drops it on his neck, decapitating himself.
    • He would have been choked slightly, and could be able to lift it back up or get help.
  • Snow Place to Go: Russell pulls on his fishing rod after the hook is sent deep into Toothy's arm and subsequently pulls out Toothy's veins and arteries.
    • Only a section of flesh would have been torn off Toothy's arm.
  • Mime to Five: After a cannon explodes on him, Toothy is sent flying into a pole, and breaks into ashes upon hitting it.
    • While he would have been badly burnt, it would not be possible for him to be reduced to ashes.
  • Blast from the Past: Toothy goes down the slide and flies into Lumpy's torso, impaling him.
    • He would have gone down the slide and stopped normally. If he did hit Lumpy, he would have just knocked him over.
  • A Sight for Sore Eyes: Toothy's head hits the open drawer of the filing cabinet, cutting his head in half.
    • He would have just hit the drawer and fallen over.
  • Easy Comb, Easy Go: Is exposed to direct rays from the sun and is disintegrated.
    • He would have just received slight burns.
  • We're Scrooged: Gets injured and killed by wind-up chattering teeth toys.
    • Chattering teeth toys are not capable of this type of damage. He would receive very little if any injury.
  • Peas in a Pod: Coughs his organs out of his body after being exposed to the fumes from Lumpy's plane.
    • While he would not cough up his organs, he still would have suffocated and died.
  • Strain Kringle: Is forced through a strainer by Cuddles' falling corpse.
    • He would have simply been hit without being affected by the strainer, but he would be injured a bit from Cuddles falling on him.
  • Star Kringle: A Christmas tree star is dropped on his head and he is impaled by one of its points.
    • The star would have simply hit him, since they are usually not sharp.
  • All In Vein: Is impaled in the head by the fangs of Lumpy's skull.
    • Nobody can die from having two small sharp objects barely pierce their head.
  • Spare Tire: Activates a fire extinguisher that launches him into a wall and kills him.
    • The extinguisher would've slipped out of his hands had he not been able to hold it.
  • An Inconvenient Tooth: Drinks some fertilizer, which causes his teeth to grow rapidly.
    • The fertilizer would not have any effect on his teeth. Toothy would be somewhat ill from its contents, but nothing more than that.


Rink Hijinks Lumpy's death

Lumpy doesn't have the heart for these types of games.

  • Rink Hijinks: Gets stuck in a toy machine with a functioning claw crane and has his heart torn out by the claw.
    • Claw cranes do not move fast or are powerful enough to go right through someone's chest. It would simply have dropped and ascended as normal.
  • Milkin' It: Is dragged into the hole of a pivot to which a hot air balloon's rope was tied.
    • He would have been dragged over the pivot or the pivot would have been knocked away.
  • Blind Date: The Mole drives through Handy's truck with Lumpy as a passenger, the latter getting the top of his head sliced off by the bottom of the truck.
    • This should have have resulted in a crash.
  • Mime to Five: Is ripped apart by killer ducks.
    • There are no such things as killer ducks.
  • Blast from the Past: Tries to push a stuck seesaw down, breaking his spine against the hand bar.
    • He would have simply hit his stomach on the hand bar with very little to no injury.
  • Home Is Where the Hurt Is: A wall bed crushes him and forces his body into chunks through a grate.
    • He would have been hit by the bed and knocked to the ground; the grate would have left a welt or bruise or may have given way from the pressure.
  • Letter Late than Never: Is attacked and later eaten by a turtle; he falls off a cliff and is badly injured.
    • There is no turtle in the world that can eat a full-grown moose alive, let alone devour anything that big within a few seconds, mostly for such size; the fall would have killed him instantly.
  • Wingin' It: Falls from a great height to the ground, landing with a shortened body and bones protruding from his shoulders.
    • He would have plummeted and splattered.
  • In a Jam: Stands close to a speaker playing a sustained guitar note and explodes from the vibrations.
    • His ears would have been badly injured and possibly deafened, and he might've been blown away like Cuddles, but nothing more.
  • Just Desert: Is surrounded and attacked by vultures while stuck in quicksand.
    • Vultures only eat corpses and would occupy a dying animal until its death.
  • Happy New Year: Film strips wrap around his body and slice him apart.
    • He would have been able to rip or cut through the film strips with ease, or the strips would have torn apart when they wrapped around him too tightly.
  • The Chokes on You: Falls onto a conveyor belt and torn apart when his antlers got stuck.
    • He would have fallen off when at the end of the conveyor belt.
  • By The Seat Of Your Pants: Skins his lower body by crawling out of a window.
    • He could have either just crawled out unharmed or remained stuck, depending on how easy the window can be opened and closed.
  • Pet Peeve: Attacked and later killed by hungry birds after having his body covered in seeds.
    • He would receive little if any injuries.
  • An Inconvenient Tooth: His antler grows in size when some fertilizer lands on it.
    • The fertilizer would have no effect on him.
  • In Over Your Hedge: Flippy uses a rope to stop Lumpy, cutting off his legs. The rope is then tied around Lumpy's head, twisting it until it spins off his neck.
    • Lumpy would simply trip over the rope, and his neck would break from being twisted.
  • Blood Donor: Dies from blood loss mere seconds after transferring his blood to Giggles.
    • While blood loss inevitably would happen, it would take a very long time for death to occur, especially considering Lumpy's size.


S3E1 Ripped in half

Man, that's one strong cabinet door!

  • House Warming: Is set ablaze, gasoline bucket kicked on her increasing the fire, and stomped on by Handy. This results in being completely burnt and lying in a puddle of blood, but somehow survives.
    • Not even a human can survive that in real life.
  • Pitchin' Impossible: The roof of a carnival game stand falls on her, severing the top of her head.
    • The roof would have just hit her on the head.
  • Eyes Cold Lemonade: A wooden sign swings toward her and crushes her to death.
    • The sign would have simply hit her. It would have to be a certain size and weight to cause this much damage.
  • Keepin' it Reel: Fliqpy rams her head into a popcorn machine and holds it over a flame, causing her brain to pop like popcorn.
    • Her head would have burnt over time.
  • Hello DollySeveral mattress springs impale her from below and push out some of her organs.
    • The mattress springs would have either just hit her, or would not have moved at all.
  • Petunia's Summer Smoochie: Is attacked by a large shark in her pool; a pinwheel shreds a hole through her face; water gets stuck in a hose, which expands and crushes her.
    • A shark that size could never fit in a small pool; pinwheels, even while spinning, are incapable of killing someone, although Petunia's face would have been slightly injured; the hose would have burst from that amount of water.
  • Wishy WashyDrinks mouthwash as desperation to clean her mouth; later peels her skin with a potato peeler.
    • She would have gotten ill or been poisoned by the mouthwash's contents; potato peelers are not sharp enough to cut through skin like this.
  • Wingin' It: Gets sucked through a sink drain when in the airplane's bathroom, shredding her body.
    • Airplane sinks do not have vacuums in them. Even so, Petunia's whole body could not be sucked into it.
  • Wipe Out!: Gets her lips stuck and then torn off from kissing Cro-Marmot's ice.
    • She would have easily gotten her lips pulled off with little to no injuries.
  • False Alarm Episode: Gets hit by a stolen car driven by Nutty while riding her bike, splattering against the windshield.
    • She would have been sent flying or ran over. The car would have to be faster and Petunia's waist would have to hit the hood in order for her to be cut; she would have just broken through the windshield.
  • Read 'em and Weep: Holds onto cupboard handles as she is pulled by The Demon, eventually tearing off her tail and skin from the waist down.
    • The handle or door would break off from the pressure.
  • I Heart U: Mime pretends to blow a heart and shoot a love arrow, injuring and killing her with the dotted lines and arrow.
    • It is simply impossible for someone to be hurt this way, as the objects are non-existent.
  • Royal Flush: Her eye and organs are sucked out and head is filled with air by a vacuum.
    • The vacuum should have been more powerful to have pulled out her eye, and she should have bloated over time. In addition to this, a vacuum cannot get stuck on an eye.
  • I Nub YouA window suddenly closes and slices her arms off; she and Handy are crushed by a pinsetter.
    • The window would cause some pain to her arms and wrists, but not cut them off; a pinsetter doesn't move that fast in real life and it's normally incapable of actually killing someone - it would become stuck or malfunction.
  • Camp Pokeneyeout: Her eyes are impaled by misusing her slingshot.
    • The slingshot would have hit her face and she would have suffered a bruise. It would take a lot more force to kill her as depicted in the episode.
  • Just Be Claus: Some hot coals ignite around her.
    • Coals cannot burst into flames that fast, and the flames would be rather small.


Spare me Z (23)

Handy's eye is attached to nothing.

  • Wheelin' and Dealin': Handy's kart drives under a parked ambulance, severing him in half and dragging his lower body with it.
    • He would have simply crashed into the ambulance. The kart would have to be moving faster in order for this to occur.
  • Spare Me: His eye is forced into a soda bottle, knocking it out of his socket.
    • There is no way a bottle can sever his eye and be jammed in his eye socket. His face would have hit the bottle, and the worst-case scenario is that he also would have gotten a black eye.
  • Shard at Work: Gets a fishbowl stuck on his head and subsequently drowns.
    • There is no way in logic a fishbowl can be placed over Handy's head. It would have just bounced off his head and give him a bruise.
  • Blind Date: Is cut in half when the engine lid of his truck closes upon his body.
    • He would have been simply hit by the engine lid with no major injuries.
  • The Wrong Side of the Tracks: Runs through numerous glass frames, vertically slicing his body in half.
    • He would have only received small or medium cuts all over his body, and his hard hat would have protected him as well.
  • From Hero to Eternity: A chunk of ice slices his head.
    • He would have been hit and possibly knocked over by the ice, or it would simply break apart against his hard hat.
  • A Sight for Sore Eyes: Gets run over by a lawnmower, shredding off half of his head.
    • He most likely would have been hit in the head and not received any severe injuries.
  • Wipe Out!: His skin gets caught in the zipper on his swimsuit, and his back is torn open after The Mole unzips it.
    • Such a thick layer of flesh cannot get caught in a zipper. Only a little bit would be caught in it, and Handy would most likely have a cut on his back once it was freed.
  • Easy Comb, Easy Go: Flaky's quills instantly grow after a bottle of hair growth spray hits her, impaling Handy sitting next to her.
    • Hair growth formula cannot cause hair to grow this quickly.
  • I Nub You: A pinsetter drops on him and Petunia, crushing them. Lumpy later revives them by stitching their bodies together.
    • He would have been mildly injured, since pinsetters do not move as fast as depicted in the episode, and his hard hat should have protected him. Even so, they would certainly have died, given how horrible their injury was.
  • No Time Like the Present: Gets stuck in and pulled through a hole.
    • He would have been stuck, but his head is too big to squeeze through a hole that small. If anything, the entire section if floor/ceiling he was stuck in would give way.
  • A Handy Nanny: Is stabbed in the eye by a pacifier, is splashed by hot milk and has his upper body shredded by the blades of a fan.
    • He would receive a black eye from the pacifier, which would just bounce off. Being splashed by hot milk cannot cause swelling or boiling; Handy would have just been burned slightly. His hard hat would have protected him from getting shredded by the blades. Even without his hat, the fan clutch would prevent his death.


Nutty Dead (Swelter Skelter)

Nobody saw this one coming!

  • Nuttin' Wrong with Candy: Is crushed by a vending machine and killed by its coils.
    • The vending machine should not even work, as for it was not even plugged in. If he tried to grab the candy bar, it would be impossible for him to stick his entire arm into the machine; the coils of the vending machine would not touch him in any way.
  • Nuttin' but the Tooth: Toothy ties a string to his tooth and ties the other end to a door. When the door is opened, Nutty's lower jaw is torn off.
    • This could have actually pulled the tooth out.
  • Icy You: Stumbles into a sharp hook and deflates; gets his head caught in an automatic door and is crushed by the pressure.
    • He may have possibly gotten slightly pierced by the hook. An automatic door is not strong enough to splatter someone's head, and the door should not have even shut since they do not close if someone is standing where the sensor is.
  • Nutty's Party Smoochie: Gets burnt by the combustion of his spinning yo-yo; is choked by balloon strings.
    • There is no way a yo-yo could do this in reality; Nutty would only be slightly choked and is too heavy to be carried in the air by these balloons.
  • Ipso Fatso: Is sliced to pieces by shards of glass.
    • He would have received several cuts all over his body.
  • Take a Hike: Is sliced to pieces after a grizzly bear slashes at him.
    • He would have gotten a large cut on his body.
  • Dunce Upon a Time: Eats magic beans, resulting in a gigantic bean sprout emerging from his body.
    • It is virtually impossible for seeds/beans to grow inside a body. Even so, the beanstalk should have killed Nutty when it grew to full size.
  • A Sight for Sore Eyes: A metal "paper" airplane flies into Nutty and slices his corneas. The plane later hits a kite and Nutty is coiled by the kite's string.
    • He would have been hit and knocked over by the metal plane; the kite's string would not be able to cut up Nutty's body, and it would make him fall over.
  • Easy Comb, Easy Go: Gets impaled through the head by a water sprinkler.
    • The sprinkler would have simply hit his chin.
  • Double Whammy Part I: Flippy squirts water into his head until he bursts.
    • He could have spat the water out, drank it, or turned his head in the opposite direction. It would be impossible for his head to burst from this, and the water would just spill out of his mouth.
  • Swelter Skelter: Is tripped by Lifty and Shifty and cracks his head against the ground.
    • He would have simply fallen on the ground with little to no resulting injuries.
  • Random Acts of Silence: Fliqpy puts his arm into a pencil sharpener.
    • It is impossible for an entire arm to fit in a pencil sharpener.
  • Camp Pokeneyeout: A marshmallow hits his eye, causing it to melt.
    • Eyeballs do not melt from heat. Nutty would just have some of the melted marshmallow stuck around his eye, possibly with minor burns.
  • Going Out With a Bang: Eats firecrackers, which begin flying after he defecates them and lights a match in an outhouse.
    • Fireworks contain toxic chemicals that would cause serious consequences if ingested in large amounts. However, it would go nothing like how depicted in the episode.


S3E6 InAPod89

Unless the face cloth was soaked with acid, this shouldn't happen.

  • Crazy Ant-ics: One of The Ants pours a miniature oil can over Sniffles' tongue and throws the can away down his throat. Then, another one of The Ants lights his tongue with a match, causing his body to combust and explode.
    • In the first place, if the can was spilled all the way through Sniffles' tongue and thrown away down his throat, he can choke on the can and the oil in his tongue would probably intoxicate him. In the second place, if a match lights up his tongue the fire cannot make combustion with the oil if it is spilled over a wet surface like an animal's tongue and, for the worst, it can slightly burn his tongue and wipe off in a mere milliseconds.
  • Treasure Those Idol Moments: Sinks via quicksand in a playground sandbox.
    • It would take Sniffles a long time to entirely sink in quicksand, and he would have been able think how to escape or find someone to ask for help.
  • Tongue Twister Trouble: Gets his entire tongue scratched off by a cat, then pulled into the icy water and frozen solid.
    • There is no way a cat could claw off a tongue in one swipe. Sniffles would have drowned; it would take a long period of time for him to freeze.
  • Class Act: Nutty bites his arm off.
    • No one's teeth could be strong enough to bite off an entire arm. Sniffles would have just bled slightly.
  • Ski Kringle: He and Toothy are impaled by Lumpy's skis.
    • He would have been knocked over or slightly wounded.
  • Concrete Solution: Crushes his face against the steering wheel of his ambulance when it crashes into a car.
    • Depending on how hard he crashed, he would have just been knocked out, and nothing more.
  • Wingin' It: A food cart gets tilted toward him, crushing and slicing his body into segments.
    • He would have been simply hit and slightly injured.
  • Tongue in Cheek: Twists his tongue and snout with a paddle, which spins like a helicopter propeller and pulls out his organs.
    • His tongue and snout would be severely mutilated, but the paddle would not budge.
  • I've Got You Under My Skin: His intestines are pinned to the floor by a straw; half of his head is crushed by a table.
    • The straw would have just hit the intestine and land on the floor; the table was rather small and not very heavy, given that it toppled over when Sniffles grabbed its leg and would have just hit him on the head and, at the worst, give him a concussion. Either way, he should have died from his injuries.
  • Peas in a Pod: A Pod Lumpy continuously rubs his face with a cloth, wearing off his face within a few moments.
    • This could not possibly happen, especially not that quickly.
  • Something Fishy: Is hit by a flag and his head is horizontally cut in half.
    • He would have been hit by Russell's flag with little to no significant injuries.
  • See You Later, Elevator: Is cut in half vertically by an elevator door.
    • Elevator doors do not close quickly, and Sniffles would've been stuck in the door.
  • Moppin Up: Slips and falls on a wet floor, breaking his head open.
    • He would simply have slipped on the floor and only be slightly injured.
  • Random Acts of Silence: Fliqpy impales him through the back of the head with two pencils.
    • Pencils are too weak for this kind of damage. Sniffles would have just been poked, or slightly bleed, depending on how sharp the pencils were.
  • Buns of Steal: A wooden board is lodged in the back of his head.
    • He would have been knocked over, and received a couple of bruises and possibly a concussion.



This is a corny way to go.

  • Pop's BBQ Smoochie: Eats barbecued corn which, due to a burn from a spark on the grill, heats up and pops inside his body.
    • Being set on fire could not possibly cause swallowed corn to pop.
  • Stealing the Spotlight: His body boils due to the heat radiating from Lumpy's lights.
    • Nothing would happen aside from possible vision problems from the bright lights.
  • A Vicious Cycle: Is pushed down the stairs by the possessed tricycle and lands on a power box, and is electrocuted and decapitated as a result.
    • He would have just hit the power box and fall to the floor. If he did get electrocuted, his head would most likely remain intact.


S3E4 Lollipop

If all suckers worked this way, Cub will never want another one again.

  • Let It Slide: Floats near the slide when Lumpy comes down, being cut in half by the moose's antlers.
    • He would have been knocked out of the way and possibly injured by the impact of Lumpy's descent.
  • Stealing the Spotlight: His head explodes due to the heat radiating from Lumpy's lights.
    • Nothing would happen aside from possible vision problems from the bright lights.
  • Kringle Presents: Drools on an electric toy train track, causing it to short circuit and electrocute him to death, then the train drives into Cub's head.
    • One drop of water cannot simply get someone electrocuted; a toy train is not strong enough to burst through someone's head.
  • Sea What I Found: The sun's rays burn holes through Cub's eyes as he looks through a telescope.
    • He would have been blinded.
  • Who's to Flame?: A ladder falls on him and slices him to pieces.
    • The ladder would have just knocked him down. The most damage it could do is give him a bruise.
  • Letter Late than Never: Sent through a mail slot inside a box, flattening his body to resemble a pizza.
    • There is no way an infant or a box that size could be squeezed through a mail slot.
  • Easy Comb, Easy Go: Got his head cut in half by Pop's shears.
    • The shears cannot cut through someone's head but could leave lacerations.
  • Cub's Christmas Smoochie: Is sliced to pieces by hula hoops; gets skinned and impaled in the chest by a spinning top; suffocates in a soap bubble.
    • The hula hoops would have simply fallen off; a spinning top could not do much damage nor spin that fast in real life; there is no way Cub can become trapped in a soap bubble, and he could have popped it easily.
  • A Sucker for Love Part 1: Gets a lollipop stuck to his face, and the skin on his face is torn off when Pop pulls it off.
    • The lollipop would actually be very easy to pull off his face, and he would have little to no injuries.
  • Concrete Solution: Gets his head crushed by Nutty's concrete stomach.
    • He would have just been hit in the head with it, which would just bounce off, mostly giving him a bruise. It would have been a lot bigger to do this damage.
  • Clause For Concern: Crushed by a wooden door.
    • He would have gotten hit by the door and fallen over. The most damage it could have caused is bruising.


HTF Moments - Nutty and his disaster (TV S01 E08.2) 8

Open wide!

  • Class Act: Falls down the prop chimney, getting skinned when her quills get stuck in said chimney.
    • Flaky would simply fall and hit the bottom, losing few if any quills and skin intact.
  • Ski Ya, Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya!: Flies into a chain-link fence and gets sliced to pieces.
    • She would have simply hit the fence and gotten a few bruises.
  • Party Animal: Her body and lips bloat like a balloon from an allergic reaction to peanuts, and she is later popped by a needle piercing her eye.
    • Flaky's body and lips would only bloat slightly. And a sharp object could not pop her like a balloon. At the worst, she would have a bleeding eye.
  • Mime to Five: Bouncing off a net, she flies into Cuddles' intestines and is split in half.
    • Flaky would have cut Cuddles' intestines without getting injured, and at the distance she fell, she wouldn't have enough speed to bounce back up to that height.
  • Chew Said a Mouthful: An umbrella is sent into her body via mouth and she is expanded in a circular shape when it opens up.
    • The umbrella could not be able to fit inside her mouth. She would have just been hit in the face with it. And of course, it can open in her mouth like that.
  • Wipe Out!Gets hit on the head with a coconut, cracking her skull open; gets eaten alive by seagulls.
    • Judging by the size of the tree, the coconut could have only injured Flaky. It would have to fall from a taller height to do this; seagulls don't eat live people.
  • Flaky's Baseball Smoochie: Gets hit by a baseball to the eye, causing her eye to burst out of her socket in a fountain of blood; gets struck by lightning and is reduced to ashes; is suffocated by gum on her face.
    • Her eye would have been slightly bruised, depending on how hard the ball was thrown; being struck by lightning could not burn her to this degree; she would have gotten the gum off easily.
  • Royal Flush: Trips over a mat that Mr. Pickels pulls under her feet and is impaled through the mouth by the handle of a toilet plunger.
    • She would have simply tripped with few if any injuries.
  • Without a Hitch: A car airbag deploys on her, crushing her body.
    • She would have been slightly injured by the airbag and hit against her car seat.
  • Take Your Seat: A chair spring bursts through her chest; the chair then closes on her.
    • Neither of these objects could harm someone in this manner.

The Mole

S4E4 PP The Mole's death

Have fun driving without your windshield.

  • Flippin' Burgers storyboard: Fliqpy hangs him on a coat rack, causing him to fall out of his skin.
    • He would either just fall off the coat rack or make it fall over.
  • Class Act: As a result of the fire, his cane is forced into his eye socket and out the back of his head.
    • An injury like this should have killed him.
  • Concrete Solution: A truck with support wires backs up into him and he is impaled.
    • He would have been pushed out of the way or ran over.
  • A Hole Lotta Love: His head gets stuck halfway above ground after the glass dome around him breaks, causing it to burst.
    • The dome should not have broken if it were strong enough. Otherwise, The Mole would have died differently.
  • A Sight for Sore Eyes: Puts a pear in a lamp socket and is electrocuted by turning the appliance on.
    • It's likely that nothing would happen to him. However, placing a pear in the socket could cause an electrical shortage or a small fire.
  • All In Vein: Drives into a crossing gate, which decapitates him.
    • He would've crashed or broke through the gate.
  • Pet Peeve: His windshield falls on him and slices his head in half.
    • The glass would have either hit him on the head or have broken. Either way, The Mole would've received little if any injuries.

Disco Bear


Disco Bear enjoys music to his core.

  • Rink Hijinks: Is impaled by Flaky's quills.
    • He would be injured, but nowhere near dead, since they were barely pushed into his body.
  • Hello Dolly: His music gets louder to the point of bursting his head.
    • Might have deafened his hearing, but in such scenarios he could have just removed his headphones.
  • Ipso Fatso: Flies into a power line that decapitates him.
    • The power line would not have killed him, but he would have been badly injured or killed from the fall.
  • Sea What I Found: Is impaled by the periscope of his submarine.
    • The periscope would have pushed him away.
  • Mime to Five: Walks into a glass door, breaking it and getting impaled with shards of broken glass.
    • He would have simply bumped into the door. The door would have been severely damaged for this to happen.
  • Chew Said a Mouthful: A shaken-up can of soda explodes and splatters him.
    • The soda would have sprayed out of the can and, at the very least, get Disco Bear wet.
  • Easy Comb, Easy Go: Hair grows in his eyes, and he is forced to slice them off.
    • Hair cannot grow in the eyes.
  • Disco Bear's Halloween Smoochie: His teeth get stuck in a candy apple and Disco Bear pulls out his skull; scissors impale his head and poke his eyes out.
    • He could have simply pulled out the apple with little ease; at worst, the scissors would have slightly punctured the back of his head.



It's official, Russell has cracked!

  • Whose Line Is It Anyway?: Chokes on a blowfish after it puffs.
    • A blowfish could not fit inside the mouth of a sea otter. Secondly, blowfish can only puff up by filling their stomachs with water. Even if he did manage to fit the blowfish in his mouth, he would likely end up poisoned by tetrodotoxin.
  • Ipso Fatso: Shards of glass fall on him.
    • He would have received several cuts all over his body.
  • In a Jam: Gets electrocuted and disintegrated by an electric guitar.
    • His body would have been shocked or burnt. It would take much more power for him to have disintegrated.
  • Bottled Up Inside: Is impaled in the stomach with a glass bottle and later forced into a water container.
    • He would have just been hit by the falling bottle with little to no injury; it would have hit the wall of the truck the container was in.

Lifty & Shifty

S3E11 FrozenRacoon

Preserved explosion? Nope.

  • Milkin' It: Lifty is thrown out of a hot air balloon by Shifty and impaled through the mouth by a pine tree; Shifty's lower body is severed one-by-one, leaving his upper half animate, and is later spun around the windmill.
    • Lifty would have just hit the top of the tree and fall to the ground; Shifty would have been slightly wounded by the windmill.
  • The Wrong Side of the Tracks: Shifty flies into a turnstile and is shredded; Lifty lands right outside the turnstile but is then knocked into it by a cart and he is shredded.
    • Both of them would have flown right through the door. In Lifty's case, he would have been injured from the fall depending on how high up it was, and the cart would have knocked him out of the way.
  • Easy For You to Sleigh: Fliqpy uses a Christmas tree-shaped cookie as a knife to cut Shifty open.
    • This cookie could do virtually no harm in reality, and it would have easily broken if Fliqpy pushed it hard enough.
  • Junk in the Trunk: Lifty gets impaled by a pogo stick.
    • A pogo stick would break from falling from that height, and it would crack his head open at the worst.
  • False Alarm: Are decapitated when their van gets hit by Cuddles' car (which was driven and stolen by Nutty).
    • The car would have crashed into the van and the two would be seriously injured. Though, an automobile cannot behead someone that easily.
  • Swelter Skelter: Lifty is killed in a frozen explosion.
    • Liquid nitrogen cannot freeze fire, which is just energy. Depending on how cold the temperature was, the fire would have most likely been put out.
  • Cheesy Does It: Shifty eats a piping hot slice of pizza, melting his lower jaw and his right eye.
    • No such pizza could be that hot. The most damage it could do is burn his tongue and gums.
  • Buns of Steal:
    • The top of Shifty's head is sliced off by Lifty's veins and arteries.
      • He would have just been hit in the face.
    • Lifty is pulled apart after being sliced by a line of fences, leaving only a line of his veins attached to his bolted feet.
      • Lifty's feet would most likely rip loose from the bolts, instead of his full body being ripped apart. If he were to have split apart, there would not be a line of his veins connecting his feet. Instead, his remains would drag behind alongside the vehicles.


Btc hit

Cro-Marmot: The real-life effect of being hit by a bike part.
Mime: The HTF way of being hit by a bike part.

  • Various episodes where Mime dies, he remains silent.
    • Even mimes would have to scream if facing a brutal death or accident.
  • Keepin' it Reel: Fliqpy crushes him with his movie theater seat.
    • Mime would not be affected, or at least, his back would be broken.
  • Party Animal: Fliqpy turns on a blender while Mime has his arm inside it, and his whole body is then pushed into it by the former.
    • It would not be possible for Mime's whole body to fit inside the blender. Even if so, a blender would not be able to destroy an entire body in a matter of seconds. However, his hand would have been severely mangled by the blender's blades.
  • As You Wish: The tip of a rocket bursts him like a balloon.
    • He would have been impaled like Pop. There was also no way he could have outrun a rocket, regardless of the vehicle he used.
  • Chew Said a Mouthful: Gets stabbed in the back of the head by the lid of a ketchup dispenser.
    • He would have just been jabbed and bruised.
  • Wingin' It: Falls at such a fast speed that the skin tears off his head and forms a makeshift parachute.
    • This could not happen in reality, and he would've died from the fall.
  • Junk in the Trunk: Is killed when Lumpy's elephant comes down from the tree, which bends and splatters Mime.
    • An elephant would not even be able to climb up a tree in the first place. The tree would also break.
  • Mime's Olympics Smoochie: Trips over a hurdle, which slices his head and arms; a barbell slices him vertically in half.
    • The hurdle would have fallen over with no damage done to him; he would have dropped the barbell if it got too heavy or it would have crushed him.
  • Something Fishy: Is sliced in half by Russell's flag pole.
    • He would have just been hit on the head, which would most likely cause a bruise or a concussion.
  • Brake the Cycle: A bicycle wheel falls on him and slices him like an apple.
    • The wheel would have just hit him, causing bruising or at the most, a concussion.


  • Every episode involving him
    • He would not be able to move and should be dead because of his condition.
  • Wipe Out!: After falling into the ocean, Cro-Marmot freezes the water.
    • This could not be possible in reality.


Flippy brain

Brains are not balloons!

  • Remains to be Seen: His brain is inflated by a leaf blower and explodes.
    • A brain could not be inflated, as it is not hollow or expansive like a balloon. The air also would have had no way of entering the brain.
  • Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow: Gets hit by a giant swinging log without sustaining any visible injuries.
    • An impact at that speed and size would result in a severe concussion, leading to major bruises, bleeding, and ruptured facial features and bodily injuries. 
  • By The Seat Of Your Pants: Flippy bounces off Lumpy's "swimming trunks" and gets impaled on a flag pole.
    • It would be impossible for either of these objects to do what is depicted; Lumpy's trousers are not long or elastic enough to propel anyone, and Fliqpy would have simply landed on Lumpy without bouncing. Fliqpy also would have come nowhere close to the top of the flagpole, especially at a height that would impale him.
  • A Vicious Cycle: Flippy is struck and disintegrated by lightning.
    • He likely would have either died or been seriously injured. But lightning cannot reduce someone to ashes, only severe skin marks and muscle trauma. Ashes also can't hold any suspended shape for any amount of time.
  • Operation: Tiger Bomb: Flippy is able to survive a number of lethal injuries without being fazed, as well as accomplish impossible feats. These include:
    • Surviving a giant explosion right next to him unharmed.
    • Bisecting Mouse Ka-boom's entire backpack and corpse with a knife slash.
    • Concealing himself inside of a corpse roughly his size without being noticed or leaving any visible marks.
    • Using the sheer blunt of a person's rib cage to rip out a Tiger Soldier's guts.
    • Using said soldier's intestines and teeth as a makeshift firearm against a squad of soldiers.
    • Using his exposed bones as knives
    • Survive being stabbed, having his hands completely mutilated, falling headfirst into a log, and surviving a long fall down a cliff, all without dying of blood loss or trauma.



Talk about a blast from the past---literally.

  • Gems the Breaks: Is exposed to Kryptonut, causing him to vomit out his organs.
    • He would not puke out his organs under most circumstances, and nobody can die by "vomit blasts" nor can explode by holding their vomit, which would be swallowed. Even if this did happen, he would die as soon as he pukes out his organs. However, Splendid and the Kryptonut do have superhuman/alien traits.


S4E7 Lammy's death

This show makes even innocent bubble-popping seem dangerous.

  • All In Vein: Is crushed like a soda can by Lumpy.
    • It is impossible for a person to flatten someone with just bare hands. (Although Lumpy was intentionally given super-strength for being a vampire, the injury still is still rather exaggerated.)
  • All Work and No Play: Falls off a monkey bar and the grip slices through her head.
    • The monkey bar grip would have simply hit her on the head, causing a bruise or a concussion. 
  • Spare Tire: Pops a bubble in her pool, destroying her face in the process.
    • The bubble would have simply just popped without any repercussions. 



  • All In Vein: Is crushed like a soda can by Lumpy.
    • It is impossible for a person to flatten someone with just bare hands. (Although Lumpy was intentionally given super-strength for being a vampire, the injury still is still rather exaggerated.)

Elephant Balloon Vendor

  • Mole in the City: Gets sliced into pieces by glass shards that fall on him.
    • He would have only been wounded by the glass shards, but his balloons would certainly pop.

Generic Tree Ninjas

  • Enter the Garden: Split in half by shock wave; bones broken in one hit; punched into a mountain.
  • Books of FurySliced apart by paper; killed by a sound wave; decapitated by book.
    • They would either be slightly or seriously wounded from Buddhist Monkey's attacks. In real life, most of their deaths are impossible. There is no such thing as a "shock wave", the most similar thing that exists is an earthquake, but it does not split persons in half. Besides, no one has the power to create a shock wave. No one has the force to disintegrate all bones of a person's body, not even in one hit. For the worst, Buddhist Monkey would have fractured some of the ninja's bones severely. Not even the strongest person in the world can punch someone that far and with such force.
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