This page is for those who want a complete list of all Userboxes. If you don't see one you think should have a user box, use this link to send requests.


Type and replace "opinion" and "reason" with your opinion and reasons for that opinion about the character, episode, or ship. For example: 

{{Userbox Flippy | opinion | reason}}

For userboxes from the section "Miscellaneous", replace "additional information" with some information you want to add to your userbox. For example:

{{Userbox Helper | additional information}}

For example:

{{Userbox Flippy | likes | just because}}
STV1E13.2 Flippy Shrug
likes Flippy just because


{{Ship Flaky X Flippy | likes | just because}}
STV1E2.1 Flippy and Flaky
likes Flaky X Flippy just because


{{Ep Class Act | likes | just because}}
Singing around the fire likes Class Act just because


{{Userbox Misses Ka-Pow! | and Happy Tree Friends generally}}
Miss Ka-Pow! This user misses Ka-Pow! and Happy Tree Friends generally


Major Characters

S4E5 VC Cub


S4E7 Spare Tire Pop

Minor Characters


STV1E2.1 Flippy and Flaky
Flaky X Flippy
STV1E2.1 Flaky &amp; Nutty
Flaky X Nutty
Cuddles and Flaky
Flaky X Cuddles
S3E12 I Nub You Walking together
Giggles X Cuddles
Giggles X Disco Bear
LBE5 Petunia and Handy
Petunia X Handy
TV Intro 3
Petunia X Toothy
S3E4 Marrage
Chocolate Box X Nutty


Season 1

Season 2

TV Season 1

Season 3

Season 4

Irregular Episodes



Cleaner Lumpy This user likes cleaning up YOUR messes.


Helper Pup This user will be happy to steer you in the right direction.


Maintenance Handy This user is busy with maintenance.

Neat Freak

Neat Freak This user is a neat freak.

Misses Ka-Pow!

Miss Ka-Pow! This user misses Ka-Pow!
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