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Featured Article - Brand New Season (June 14 2013)

HTF Reaches 4th Season
The Internet series of our favorite cuddly creatures has reached a whole new season! And it is still going strong after more than 12 years. Oh, the surprises that await us this time.

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Article - June's Featured Episode

Class Act

Class Act is the first Christmas episode of the Happy Tree Friends internet series, the tenth of the second season, and thirty-seventh overall. To date, it is the only episode to feature all of the main characters (though half of them only have background cameos).

Class Act

Latest Episode - Dream Job (March 6 2014)

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Happy Tree Friends - Dream Job

Happy Tree Friends - Dream Job

Episode: Dream Job

Dream Job (March 28 2014)

Sniffles' plans to have a good night sleep are ruined by you-know-who.
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