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Featured Article - Controversy Reigns Supreme (6th September 2010)

Flaky's Gender
Flaky is possibly the most hotly debated character of all time, and it's time we gave her credit for it: An article racking up as many points as possible about her gender controversy. Before any editing, please read the rules and the guideline at the top of the article.

Class Act Controversy
Class Act's explosion has been one of the most hotly debated moments in HTF history: Was it Toothy's fault for all of the deaths? Did Cro-Marmot die in the explosion? Did Splendid? And to a lesser extent, did Flippy die as well? Have a look, see what you think, and hey, maybe write what you think. Please remember to keep any edits involved as unbiased as possible, thank you.

Whistle Kills Cub?
Maybe one of the more well known animals, Whistle, the cuddly puppy based off of Ken Pontac's dog, the animals creators have possibly cloned the most of, and the dog that savagely attacks everyone in site at the sound of ANY whistle, including poor baby Cub. "But did Cub die" is the question that has been needing an answer, maybe it doesn't have one... enlighten us.

This section will usually be updated when there are new articles available, or when something particularly interesting appears in an already existing article.

Featured Media - The Chokes on You (2nd October 2010)

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Generally fan-made content will be featured here and in the archive, until something official comes out from Mondo. If you have any suggestions for a new Featured Media (which includes videos AND images), please contact an administrator, this section will be updated weekly, if there is viable media to add.

Episode: The Chokes on You

The Chokes on You (March 19, 2012)

A new episode, The Chokes on You, starring The Mole and Lumpy, was released. It has most of the original blood and gore, and has (debatably) two deaths! See it now!

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