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Animal Articles Voting Verdict

I thank everyone for your votes on the animal articles, here are the final scores:

The Seagulls article:

  • The Gulls: 4
  • The Seagulls: 3

The Turtle article:

  • The Tortoise: 1
  • The Turtle: 1
  • Toothy's Tortoise: 4
  • Toothy's Turtle: 2

The articles have been changed to "The Gulls" and "Toothy's Tortoise" respectively.

Once again, thank you for your votes,
Pyro Python

Featured Article - I Nub You

I Nub You

It's about time there was a change on the featured article section, and i thought i'd mention the latest HTF episode to anyone who doesn't know currently.

This section will usually be updated when there are new articles available, or when something particularly interesting appears in an already existing article.

Featured Media - New AMVs

To view what has been featured before, check out the Featured Media Archive.

If you have any suggestions for a new Featured Media (which includes videos AND images), please contact Pyro Python, this section will be updated weekly, if there is viable media to add.

Character: Lifty & Shifty
Song: The Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin
YouTube User: nutty1777

Song: Time of Dying by Three days Grace
YouTube User: TwilightCuddles

Happy Tree News Ep. 3 (3rd February 2010)

Heather (Fantastic Flaky) brings another round of news, view here

Older News

I Nub You is Out! (2nd February 2010)
I Nub You is out people! Check it out at the HTF Website!

HTF Wiki's 2nd Year (31st January 2010)
The HTF Wiki has been around for 2 years now, and for all the hard work people have put into it over the last 2 years, thank you.

10 Years of HTF (12th January 2010)
For ten years HTF has been bringing the mangled screams of cute woodland creatures to the comfort of our web browsers, let's look forward for more to come! Mondo has prepared their own thank you, click here for their thanks.

HTF #1! (11th November 2009)
This should've been mentioned sooner to those who do not yet know, but Happy Tree Friends is now the #1 Web Series of October with over 20 million views! For the official video from Mondo Media, click here


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