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In Over Your Hedge (December 22, 2016)

In Over Your Hedge
Flipqy is back, and this time he has a thing against Flamingos.
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YYYIsHere YYYIsHere 6 days ago

Alphabet Guessing Game

A- Name one fruit

B- Hairdresser

C- Appearance

D- Name one pet

E- Our planet

F- Inflated leather ball

G- Stringed instrument

H- Dwelling

I- Hurt severely

J- Adventure

K- Tied rope

L- Fruit that can be made into a drink

M- 12:00 am

N- Female babysitter

O- You might cry if you eat this vegetable

P- SpongeBob's hous…

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YYYIsHere YYYIsHere 8 days ago

The Tree Of LIfe

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Качикахтб6522 Качикахтб6522 11 days ago


UCHPK (rus. УЧПК) has russian word

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Happy Tree Friends is a Flash cartoon series by Mondo Mini Shows, created by Kenn Navarro, Aubrey Ankrum, Rhode Montijo and Warren Graff. Since its debut, the show has become a popular internet phenomenon and has won a cult following. As indicated on the official site, the show is "not recommended for small children". Not withstanding the cute appearance of its characters, the show is extremely violent, with almost every episode featuring blood, gore, and violent deaths. The show is so violent, it was banned in Russia!

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