Htf money

Money is an object that is often used by the main characters to pay for meals, items, services, toys, etc.


The money in the HTF universe is for the most part made up of gold coins. The producer of the coins is unknown but it is most likely represented with an acorn symbol which can be seen on the coins in several occurrences like in Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow and In a Jam. Dollars are also occasionally used in the show, though they don't appear with the acorn symbol as the coins occasionally do. The dollars are often made up of green circles. Gold is another form of currency in the HTF world as Lifty and Shifty are both seen trying to gain as much of it as possible in Sea What I Found and As You Wish.

Cost and Worth

The worth of a single coin in the series is very inconsistent. In Nuttin' Wrong with Candy and A Sucker for Love Part 1 a coin can be used buy candy from a candy machine yet at the same time a coin can afford a guitar, as seen in In a Jam.

Cost Chart

Product/Service Amount Payed Buyer Seller Episode Image
Chocolate Bar 1 Coin Nutty No one Nuttin' Wrong with Candy
Nwwc coin
Ball toss game 1 Dollar The Mole Lumpy Pitchin' Impossible
Pi coin
Laundry Washing and Drying 1 Coin each Splendid No one From Hero to Eternity
Fhte coin
Using a viewfinder 1 Coin Pop No one Sea What I Found
Swif coin
Lemonade Cash Unknown Giggles and Petunia Gems the Breaks
Jukebox 1 Coin Disco Bear No one A Change of Heart
Watching a circus Cash Giggles, Russell, Nutty, The Mole, numerous Generic Tree Friends Lumpy Mime to Five
Unicycle Cash Cro-Marmot Unknown Mime to Five
Mtf cash
Hair Tonic Cash Disco Bear Lifty and Shifty Easy Comb, Easy Go
Thief lift
Soda 1 Coin Petunia No one Wingin' It Not seen
Soda 1 Coin Lumpy No one Wingin' It
Wi lumpy coin
Flute-shaped lollipop 1 Coin Nutty Mime (Debatable) In a Jam
Guitar 1 Coin Cuddles Mime In a Jam
Payphone 1 Coin Lumpy No one Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow
Htgt coin
Water shooting game 1 Dollar Nutty Flippy Double Whammy Part I
Dw nutty dollar
Demonic book Coins Pop Toothy Read 'em and Weep Not seen
Toothy's heart 2 Coins Cuddles Lumpy We're Scrooged!
S3E3 Purchase
Toothy's hand 3 Coins Unknown Lumpy We're Scrooged!
S3E3 WRS61
Toothy's brain 6 Coins Unknown Lumpy We're Scrooged!
S3E3 WRS64
Gumballs 1 Coin Nutty No one A Sucker for Love Part 1
Asfl coin
Truckload of candy Shower of cash Nutty Lifty and Shifty False Alarm
False Alarm 5
Video games Cash Nutty Lifty and Shifty False Alarm
Fl ls cash

Every Instance Where Money is Shown Without Being Spent

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