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Happy Tree Friends: The Movie is an upcoming movie that is slated to be released by Mondo Media, along with a film for Deep Space 69 and the sequel to Dick Figures: The Movie.[1][2]

As of now, very little is known about it, but more news will likely come in the future. According to his Twitter feed, Kenn Navarro says he's heard of the movie but is currently not involved with it.[3]It has been stated by Navarro that, at least to his knowledge, production for the film has yet to begin.

During their time at San Francisco's Anime, Video Game, and Cartoon Convention (AOD 2015), Warren Graff and Ken Pontac confirmed that no new episodes were planned due to the fact that a movie is indeed being planned.[4]

According to Home Plate Entertainment's website, the movie is currently in pre-production. But with no official word of its production since 2014, it is speculated that the project has halted or been scrapped altogether. When a fan asked about whether the film had been cancelled, Kenn replied "a treatment that [I] and the writers did was all the work (that [I] know of) for the movie".[5]


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