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Slap Happy is one of the available iOS apps based on Happy Tree Friends.

iTunes Description

HAPPY TREE FRIENDS: SLAP HAPPY is a unique game application that puts your very own cute, cuddly and unsuspecting Happy Tree Friend in the palm of your hand. Inspired by the animated shorts from the cult sensation, Happy Tree Friends; HAPPY TREE FRIENDS: SLAP HAPPY allows you to tease and play with your furry friend, but be sure to keep your little pal safe and out of harm's way because you never know when crazy things are bound to happen!

The application takes full advantage of the Apple iPhone and iPod touch to extend the different circumstances that Happy Tree Friends characters can experience and that fans have come to love and expect from the series.


On-screen, you have Cuddles, a background, and two small tabs on the left and right sides of the screen each. Using your finger, you can poke Cuddles on the belly, make him lose balance, or, as the app's title suggests, slap him across the face. If you shake your iPhone, Cuddles will be thrown and get smashed to the wall or the floor if he hits them. After several injuries, Cuddles will eventually be covered in wounds. Roughhouse with him more in that state, and he'll pass out.

If you leave him idle, Cuddles may perform one of the six different animation idles, though he only cries when he's severely injured.

The two tabs on the left and right sides of the screen serve as an option menu (key) and a "toys" menu (skull). In the option menu, you may read the app's info, mute/unmute sounds, or change the background. In the "toys" menu, you'll find five items, only three of which will kill Cuddles. The spiky wall trap will clamp Cuddles, a pipe will impale his throat, and a chainsaw will slice Cuddles in half. The other two items serve to bring Cuddles back to life. You can perform a CPR on him or electrocute him, though the CPR menu can only be used if Cuddles is knocked out.


(Note that Cuddles can be revived from all of these deaths)

  • Cuddles is clamped by spiky walls.
  • Cuddles' throat is impaled by a pipe.
  • Cuddles is sliced in half by a chainsaw.


  • Cuddles gets covered in wounds if you abuse him enough via slapping him and shaking your iPhone.
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