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Happy Trails Pt. 2: Jumping the Shark is an episode of the Happy Tree Friends internet series. This is the first episode of the second season, and the twenty-eighth episode overall, and also the continuation and conclusion of the previous season's cliffhanger finale. Despite the character being introduced long before, this episode introduces Sniffles' ability to build high-technology objects, which usually backfires with deadly results.

HTF Episode Description

Castaway on a deserted island, the gang must figure out how to get home. They battle sharks, sinking lifeboats and out-of-control rockets just to make it back to their favorite forest. Do they succeed? Tune in to Part Two to find out!


After the events of the previous episode, the survivors are stranded on a deserted island. The bus is in shambles, the ocean is shark-infested, and many have died in the accident. Flippy creates small graves for those who died in the crash, while the others look on mournfully. Once the task is done, they silently walk away.

Sniffles, Flaky, Handy, and Giggles mourning. Flippy is making graves for those who perish, which becomes a running gag throughout the episode.

The next day, Giggles happily catches a fish in the ocean for food, using a long pointed stick as a makeshift spear. Unbeknownst to her, a jellyfish swims by and stings her left foot, causing her to shriek in pain and curiously observe the wound. Later that night, Giggles is suffering from extreme chills, wrapped in a blanket, and her stung foot has swollen to several times its usual size. The scene then cuts to Flippy sadly pounding down another grave with Giggles' bow tied around it, indicating that she died of hypothermia.

When Flippy is done pounding in Giggles' grave, Lifty and Shifty reveal that they have an inflatable raft the group can escape on. As the group sails away from the island with Lifty and Shifty paddling with their hands, everyone is relieved and in good spirits. Unfortunately, as Flaky sits down, her quills pop the raft, causing it to start sinking as a shark swims along. The group hurriedly swims back to the island, but Lifty and Shifty are taken and eaten by the shark. As everybody catches their breath, Flaky looks nervously at her fellow members, who are obviously furious at her for popping their only ride home. As the scene changes to night, Flippy laughs evilly as he pounds Flaky's grave into the sand, while the others watch in the background with evil expressions, implying that at least one of them killed Flaky.

Flippy, Sniffles, Handy, and Lumpy are about to kill Flaky for ruining their chances of escape.

The next day, the school bus and the tree on the island are gone, and in their place stands a rocket ship made up of the bus parts. The group boards their creation with makeshift helmets made of coconuts, and they lift off, singing the theme song as they go. Eventually, the rocket stops moving upwards. They throw several weighty objects out of the rocket, one of which being Lumpy, and the rocket continues upwards.

Sadly, now the rocket moves too fast and it is headed towards the sun. Sniffles' head explodes as they get closer to the sun, while Handy and Flippy are suffering from second and/or third-degree burns. Back on Earth, Lumpy makes the best of his situation by relaxing in a chair and holding his sock over a fire. A "puff!" suddenly appears in the sun, indicating that the rocket ship made contact with the sun, but Lumpy pays little heed. As the episode ends, Lumpy begins applying sunscreen to his arm.


"Give but never give up!"


  1. A fish is impaled by Giggles with a makeshift spear.
  2. Giggles dies either from hypothermia or from her swollen leg injury. (Death not seen)
  3. Lifty and Shifty are eaten by a shark after Flaky deflates their raft with her quills. (Death not seen)
  4. Flaky is murdered by Flippy, Lumpy, Handy, and/or Sniffles by an unknown method for accidentally deflating the raft with her quills. (Death not seen)
  5. Sniffles' head explodes from the heat of the sun.
  6. Flippy and Handy are killed when their rocket flies into the sun, incinerating them.
  7. Lumpy may have died from no food or water. (Debatable and death not seen)


  1. Giggles (before her leg gets swollen) gets stung on the foot by a jellyfish.
  2. Flippy, Handy, Sniffles, Flaky, and Lumpy hurriedly swim back to the island after their raft pops, all out of breath and tattered.
  3. Lumpy is thrown out of the rocket ship.
  4. Handy, Flippy, and Sniffles' heads boil from the heat of the sun.

Survival Rate

  • Amount of surviving main characters: 1
  • Amount of dead main characters: 7
  • Total rate: 12.5%


  1. A bus crashes into an island. It is later rebuilt into a rocket and ends up blowing up in the sun.
  2. Lifty and Shifty's raft is deflated by Flaky.
  3. Flippy's hat and uniform are roughed up after he swims back to the island.
  4. Sniffles' glasses break in two when his head explodes.
  5. Lumpy roasts a sock over a fire.


  1. Through the previous episode, neither Lifty, Shifty, or Flippy were anywhere to be seen. However, they are shown on the island with the survivors of the bus crash in this episode. They could've been Generic Tree Friends in the first part.
  2. In the beginning, when the characters are seen on the island, Lumpy is nowhere to be found until the escape attempt with Lifty and Shifty (though he may have been at the other part of the island).
  3. When the characters are mourning at the beginning, Sniffles' eyes face away from each other.
  4. Although five characters (Cuddles, Mime, Petunia, Toothy, and The Mole) died on the bus, there are eight graves on the island. The extra graves were probably for Generic Tree Friends. However, considering the fact that Toothy's body flew out of the bus, he most likely wasn't buried along with the other characters.
  5. Some of the graves are floating when the sun rises.
  6. The jellyfish stings Giggles on the bottom of her foot, even though her foot was pressed against the sand.
  7. The crest on Flippy's beret switches places several times.
  8. Although Flippy was in his normal state the entire episode, he still has Pop's/Fliqpy's voice throughout. (Pop was originally supposed to star in this episode, but was replaced Flippy at the last minute.)
  9. When the raft sinks along with the characters, Flippy's beret, Shifty's fedora, and Handy's hardhat sink with them when they should have stayed above the water.
  10. As everyone is swimming back to the island after their raft deflates, there are six figures in the water. There should be seven (assuming one of them isn't underwater).
  11. When the characters are swimming back to the island, their silhouettes (except for Lumpy's) are standard Generic Tree Friends' silhouettes, instead of their own body features.
  12. Lumpy's antlers switch positions several times.
  13. Even though Handy has no hands, he manages to swim back to the island with the other Tree Friends - then again, he seems capable of doing just about anything hand-related without hands as long it's off-screen or barely seen at a distance. However, he could have been the one underwater as mentioned in Goof #9, or he could have used his feet.
  14. The tools in Handy's tool belt switch places several times.
  15. When Flippy, Sniffles, and Handy stare at Flaky angrily, their pupils aren't Pac-Man-shaped. Their eyes are still incorrectly shaped when they are standing next to her grave at night. (Debatable, as this could have been intentionally used to show their anger.)
  16. When Flippy is pounding in Flaky's grave, there are stars in the shaded part of the moon. This is impossible for obvious reasons.
  17. When the finished rocket is shown, Sniffles' tail is missing.
  18. It should be impossible for Lumpy to put on his makeshift helmet because of his antlers.
  19. When Sniffles is sitting next to Handy in the rocket, his pocket protector is missing.
  20. When the rocket stops mid-air, Flippy's hand is missing.

    Handy should be happy to see another tree friend with no hand.

  21. When Lumpy is thrown out of the rocket, he is still holding the steering wheel. The next time we see the inside of the rocket, Sniffles is the one holding the steering wheel. However, it is possible that they had a replacement wheel.
  22. Sniffles, Handy, and Flippy pass six planets before they fly into the sun. However, the solar system may be different in the HTF universe.
  23. When the rocket is approaching the sun, Flaky can be heard screaming despite being dead.
  24. Sniffles can still be heard screaming even after his head explodes.
  25. In the credits, writer Paul Allan's name is misspelled "Paul Allen".