When two handicaps work together, what do you get?

This article focuses on the relationship between Handy and The Mole.


Being 2/3 of "No Hands, No Eyes, No Brain", Handy and The Mole are often seen together and are usually shown to be close friends. They may have occasional quarrels, but these are more likely mistakes due to The Mole's blindness.

Handy’s Side

Dont yank my chain

Two handicaps on a road trip.

Despite his sociopathic tendencies, The Mole seems to be one of only two characters that Handy genuinely cares about, and Handy has even done things with him that he is famous for never doing with any other character: he mourns his death in Don't Yank My Chain and even asks him for help in Wipe Out!. He also often trusts The Mole enough to work with him despite his incompetence, as is seen in Home Is Where the Hurt Is, Concrete Solution, and the internet game Milk Pong. Additionally, in Don't Yank My Chain, he presumably arranges a road trip with The Mole.

The only marks against his and The Mole’s friendships are when The Mole accidentally injures him in Spare Me by hitting him in the back of the head with a bowling ball, causing his eye to get stuck in a bottle, and accidentally killing him in A Sight for Sore Eyes by running him over with a lawn mower. However, both of these are solely mistakes caused by The Mole’s blindness.

The Mole’s Side


Why Handy and The Mole never go bowling.

Due to The Mole’s character, it seems obvious through his actions that The Mole views Handy as a friend as well, even living in his house for an unknown period of time in No Time Like the Present. In Wipe Out!, not only does he help Handy with the zipper of his wet-suit, but Handy became the only character The Mole acknowledges the pained screams of, causing him to attempt to fix his own mistakes. It should also be noted that, despite his blindness and not being close to any of the actors, The Mole goes to “watch” a school play with Handy. He also seems to trust Handy, obeying his suggestions a little in Don't Yank My Chain and following him around.


  • With Lumpy, they make up No Hands, No Eyes, No Brain.
  • Lumpy is the most frequent victim of both characters.
    • Coincidentally, Handy and The Mole are the second most frequent victims of each other.
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