LBE5 Petunia and Handy

The romantic relationship between a neat freak and a builder.

This article focuses on the interactions between Petunia and Handy.


Similar to Cuddles and Giggles, Handy and Petunia have had some romantic experiences through the course of the series.

Handy's Side

S3E12 I Nub You Petunia and Handy are happy

Handy and Petunia are happy together.

Towards most characters, Handy can be fairly cold and anti-social (being most obvious when another character dies or is suffering, where he either laughs at his luck or simply ignores their deaths). However, Petunia seems to be an exception similar to The Mole. In House Warming, he builds her a tree house as was probably part of his usual job, but when she catches fire, he does everything he can to try to save her. He is also shown grieving her death in Happy Trails Pt. 2: Jumping the Shark. He falls in love with her in I Nub You and My Better Half. Handy also invited Petunia to help build Giggles' house in Home Is Where the Hurt Is.

Petunia's Side

S1E2 Hug

Petunia thanks Handy.

Likewise, Petunia also seems to have romantic interest towards Handy. In House Warming, she is very grateful of him building her a tree house and even gives him a hug. They fall in love in I Nub You and My Better Half.


  • Along with the Cuddles-Giggles Relationship, they are the most popular romance pairings of the canon series, but the second most popular pairing in the fandom, as the Flippy-Flaky Relationship is the most wanted couple through the fans.
  • They are the only confirmed couple in the series.
  • Petunia also seems to be in love with Mime (as seen in I Heart U, and briefly in Easy Comb, Easy Go).
  • The couple have a few things in common:
    • They rarely survive.
    • They have more deaths than kills.
    • They have mental disorders.
    • They survived in their internet debuts.
    • They both die in every episode they kill another character in.
    • They both die in every holiday-themed episode.
    • They never star on their own in the TV series.
  • Coincidentally, they are complimentary colors (orange and blue). 
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