These are goofs that appear in the miscellaneous episodes (Irregular episodes, Kringles, Smoochies etc.) of Happy Tree Friends.

Note: Do NOT add images that depict a character doing something stupid, as many characters do idiotic stuff. Only add in animation errors or an impossibility in logic.

Irregular Episodes

Banjo Frenzy

Enter the Garden

Mole in the City

Dino-Sore Days

Books of Fury

Ski Patrol

YouTube Live Episode

The Carpal Tunnel of Love

Asbestos I Can Do


Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm (episode)

YouTube 101: Subscriptions

YouTube Copyright School

Oh Xmas Tree

New Season Teaser

Cubtron Z

HTF Break

Seize the Day

Chore Loser

Deck the Halls

The same goofs are repeated from Oh Xmas Tree and Kringle Karols.

We Wish You

The same goofs are repeated from Oh Xmas Tree and Kringle Karols.

Happy New Year

Take Your Seat

Moppin Up

Bite Sized

Pop & Corn

Butter Me Up

Tunnel Vision


Love Bites

Cold Hearted

Sea of Love

I Heart U

On My Mind

My Better Half


Kringle Tree

Kringle Feast

Kringle Karols

Ski Kringle

Kringle Presents

Strain Kringle

Chill Kringle

Sight Kringle

Star Kringle


Mirror Mirror

Operation: Tiger Bomb

Three Courses of Death


Arcade Games

Going Overboard

Sugar High



On Thin Ice

Milk Pong


Toothy's Easter

Petunia's Summer

Nutty's Party Surprise

Sniffles' Science

Flaky's Baseball

Pop's BBQ

Mime's Olympics

Disco Bear's Halloween

Pop & Cub's Christmas

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