Animation error where Nutty's pupils overlap his half-closed eyelids.

A Goof is a typical term to describe the animation errors/bugs that have been made while under development. Goofs are common, appearing in many animated series, and Happy Tree Friends is no exception.

These are typical mistakes that the animators did not realize to check before the episode was released. Most do not affect the episode much, however, they can sometimes create theories and speculations. Depending on how much the animator checks the animation, there may be a lot of goofs, or maybe just a few goofs in an episode, and there are even twelve episodes that have no goofs at all.

Goofs are not limited to animation errors. Sometimes they can also be text errors (for example; "Ook" instead of "Look" on the teaser for A Vicious Cycle) or listing errors (a voice actor for a certain character is not listed in the credits of that episode). Impossibilities in logic can also sometimes be listed as a goof, such as in Tongue in Cheek, when Sniffles sneezes because he tastes pepper instead of smelling it. Sometimes in older Seasons (save for remastered episodes), one frame of an episode sometimes is shown for a quick second during another scene, this issue was not present on the DVDs, and stopped occuring early on in Season 3.

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