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Going Overboard game logo.


The screenshot of the game.

Going Overboard is a Happy Tree Friends arcade game exclusive to The objective of the game is to keep Petunia balanced on a lifesaver as long as you can. Description

Avast, Mateys! The Happy Tree Friends have been forced to abandon ship over dangerous waters while sailing the high seas.


Use your mouse to keep Petunia balanced on the lifesaver. If you tip her over, she'll end up as a shark's meal.



Petunia's death and the goof.

  • Petunia gets bitten by a shark. She then gets thrashed around, leaving her remains in the water.


  • Petunia's tail goes missing when the shark bites her. Yet it is briefly seen when the shark thrashes her about.


  • This game is a remake of the old HTF game Petunia Balance. These are the differences:
    1. Instead of a duck swimming tube, Petunia balances on a lifesaver.
    2. Russell is shown balancing on a plank instead of floating dead in the water.
    3. Petunia's balancing sprite isn't static in this game.
    4. The water isn't red unlike Petunia Balance.
    5. Petunia makes a somewhat different noise when she gets bitten by the shark in this game.
    6. This game has no timer.
    7. This game has music unlike Petunia Balance.
    8. Cro-Marmot is facing the other way.
  • When Petunia gets bitten by the shark, the animation is a sped up version of the same death in her Smoochie. Also, the death animation in this game is reused from the Petunia Balance one.
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