General Trivia

  • She is one of the few characters yet to be given an alliterate sentence. The others are Flaky, Mime, and Cro-Marmot.
  • The First Blood DVD reveals that Giggles enjoys crossword puzzles.
  • Giggles tends to get splattered by the blood of other characters much to her disgust or shock. This can be seen in This Is Your Knife, Every Litter Bit Hurts, I've Got You Under My Skin, and We're Scrooged!.
    • Coincidentally, all of the characters whose blood has been splattered on Giggles are the same characters who she appears with in Blast from the Past.
  • Giggles is the only female character not to star in a Season 3 episode.
  • She is (Debatably) the only female character who is currently alive.
  • Giggles can be seen without her bow on her head in You're Bakin' Me Crazy, Oh Xmas Tree, We Wish You, Deck the Halls, Kringle Karols, Kringle Tree, and Kringle Feast,
  • Giggles is the first character to come back to life after dying in an episode, as she died in Spin Fun Knowin' Ya and appeared again in Helping Helps.
  • She is the character who gets paired up with male characters the most.
    • Giggles is also the character mainly used for Valentine episodes and love themes; she has been seen with Cuddles, The Mole, Russell, Cro-Marmot, Mime, Flippy, and sometimes Splendid.
    • This makes her infamously unpopular with So many fans as they see this as her cheating on every guy she's ever dated.
    • She is also infamous for dating Flippy, which made millions of fans furious and extremely in rage since Flippy is rather more commonly shipped with Flaky.
  • She is the only one of the main four characters who do not appear in any of the Still Alive episodes.
  • Giggles is the first and only character (besides Lammy) to interact or even acknowledge Mr. Pickels' existence.
  • She is the only character who has seen Lumpy naked, in You're Bakin' Me Crazy and Let It Slide.
  • In Crazy Disco, Giggles and Cuddles are seen wearing bikinis (even though Cuddles is a boy). In the updated version, Disco Inferno, they do not wear bikinis.
  • Giggles and Petunia work as waitresses at the Happy Tree Cafe. Giggles is seen working there in Concrete Solution, and Petunia is seen working there in A Change of Heart.
  • Giggles is one of the playable characters in the False Alarm video game and Deadeye Derby mobile game.
  • She was listed as a featuring role in the episode Peas in a Pod, even though she did not appear in the episode. This is because they were originally supposed to have Giggles in the episode, but replaced her with Petunia.
  • In Spin Fun Knowin' Ya, she did not have the marking on her forehead. She also did not have it in her Season 1 pop-up, even though the marking was present within the episodes.
  • She has a pet cat, which is seen in Junk in the Trunk and Something Fishy.
S3E9 Giggles and her cat

Giggles holding Mittens.

  • Cuddles has a crush on her.
  • She is the only female character to have a Blood Fest.
  • Giggles has been seen wearing roller skates twice: once when she worked as a waitress at the Happy Tree Cafe in Concrete Solution, and once when she was just rollerskating for fun in Buns of Steal. On one occasion, she used ice skates in Tongue Twister Trouble.
  • She is shown to cry because of other character deaths in some episodes.
  • She is the only female character not to have a mental disorder.
    • Unless Lammy is not actually schizophrenic, and Mr. Pickels is indeed a living creature.


  • In Spin Fun Knowin' Ya, Giggles was seen without her head marking. Her head marking appears in all future episodes, but she was still seen without it in her season 1 intro.
  • Most people mistake her for a bear, as the creators never gave her a tail.
    • According to Kenn Navarro, he confirmed that Giggles does have a tail, it's just so short, we can't see it.
  • Giggles is the character that is most often confused for an animal she isn't. Mostly because she doesn't really have any appearance traits that point specifically to chipmunk (other than her face marking) when the other characters have something that makes it obvious.
  • She was originally supposed to be light blue and have a tail, as can be seen in Banjo Frenzy.
  • Her original design is similar to Petunia's. Many fans believed that she was an early version of Petunia in Banjo Frenzy.

Episode Statistics

Kills and Deaths

  • Giggles dies seven times in season one, two, and three.
  • Her deaths usually involve being crushed, impaled, sliced, some form of heat, and her chest or her head (mostly being sliced off or having something ripped out of it).
  • Most of her injuries involve burning, some form of heat, her face, and head.

Giggles and Petunia die like this often.


  • She and Lumpy are the only main characters to interact with every other main character at least once.
  • Out of the characters who rarely survive, Giggles is one of the few who have been the sole survivor of an episode. The others are Cub, Disco Bear, and Mime.
  • Giggles is one of the the four characters who stars in an episode with a large cast and survives while everyone else dies (in her case Dunce Upon a Time). The other three are Mime, Lumpy, and Splendid.
    • She is also the only female character to due so.
  • Out of the characters who rarely survive, Giggles is one of the two characters who survive in at least one of every kind of episode. The other character is Nutty.
  • Giggles is one of the four characters who have a Blood Fest. The others are Lumpy, Nutty, and Handy.
  • Giggles is one of the few characters who have smoked. The others are Pop and Lumpy.
  • Giggles is one of the few characters to eat/drink the remains of themselves or another character, the others are Cuddles (thrice), ToothyLumpy (twice, one time offscreen), PetuniaNutty (twice, one time offscreen), Pop (Offscreen), Cub, Flaky (twice, one time offscreen),The Mole (Offscreen), Russell (Offscreen), and both sides of Flippy (thrice).
  • She is one of the only four main female characters. The others are Petunia, Flaky, and Lammy.
  • She, Lumpy, and Cuddles (if you count the calendar) are the only characters who have had their posteriors (Doggone It) exposed.
  • She is one of the few characters who have never driven a vehicle. The others are Mime, Splendid, and Cub.
  • She is one of the few characters who do not have a season 3-4 starring pop-up. The others are Mime, Flaky, and Cro-Marmot.
    • She is the only member of the original four main characters not to have one.
  • She is one of the only two characters whose parent is shown, the other being Cub.
  • Giggles is one of the few characters who have worn Santa Claus attire. The others are Pop, Lifty, Splendid, Lumpy, and Mime.
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