Snow What

Giggles with Cro-Marmot.

This article focuses on the friendly and sometimes romantic interactions between Giggles and Cro-Marmot.


Giggles and Cro-Marmot are occasionally seen together in episodes. In some episodes they are depicted as friends, and in others lovers.

Giggles' Side

LBE1 The Sudden Snowball

Giggles about to kiss Cro-Marmot.

Giggles seems to be fond of Cro-Marmot, and is even somewhat attracted towards him, as seen in Wipe Out! and Cold Hearted. She also gets very distressed over his well-being in Snow What? That's What! and even runs down a cliff in order to save him. They also seem to be ice skating together in Tongue Twister Trouble.

However, she is not at all hesitant to break up with him in Cold Hearted, after Toothy throws snowballs at her and gets her lips and eyes stuck against him. She also does not seem to miss him at all when dating The Mole.

Cro-Marmot's Side


Ungrateful Marmot.

Cro-Marmot seems to have a crush on Giggles as well. He is seen dating her in the aforementioned episodes and Wipe Out! shows him to be somewhat determined to win her and Petunia over Lumpy, which is one of his motivations for him enter the surfing contest.

The only mark against Cro-Marmot's opinion of her, however, is that he pelts her dead body with snowballs despite her saving him in Snow What? That's What!.

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