• This episode marks the first and the only time Russell has gone into his mindless, mad state, similar to "sugar-high" Nutty, flipped-out Flippy, and suicidal Petunia.
    • It was confirmed by Kenn Navarro that this side of Russell will never be seen again, as Russell freaking out was very specific for the episode.
  • If the video is paused while the screen pans towards Lumpy, a tanker ship can be seen in the background.
  • Among the items inside the whale are The Cursed Idol and a tanker ship. The idol might have been the cause of Russell and Lumpy's deaths.
  • None of the main characters survive this episode.
  • The scene where Lumpy and Russell try to make a fire is later seen in Milk Pong, even though Lumpy was the one who threw the ping pong ball and was supposed to be at the milk pong table.
Milk Pong

A comparison between both versions of the same scene. The original (left) and the Milk Pong version (right).

Cultural References

  • The moral means not to try to do too much; to take on or attempt more than one is capable of doing.
  • This episode might be a reference to the story of Jonah, where Jonah is swallowed by a whale for disobeying God. It could also be a reference to Pinocchio, as both have characters light a fire to get out. There is also a wooden dummy that resembles Pinocchio seen next to The Cursed Idol.


  • Though it could just be a new character design done by the animators, in Off the Hook, he loses his beard when it's scrapped off by sharp coral and he still doesn't have it here.
    • If this were true, this would make it one of the few permanent injuries in the show.
  • Lumpy drives the same car in Treasure Those Idol Moments and The Way You Make Me Wheel.
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