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This article focuses the relationship between Giggles and Flippy.


Flippy and Giggles are shown to be good friends who interact in several episodes, and may also like each other romantically as seen in On My Mind. However, Giggles is his evil self's most frequent victim.

Giggles' side

Giggles is glad to see Flippy.

Giggles have been nice to Flippy since the very first season, having many good interactions together. 

In This Is Your Knife she was happy to see Flippy, along with Cuddles and Flaky, showing they're close friends. At difference to other characters, she wasn't afraid to his evil side, until he already killed Cuddles, which shows she might trust him despite of his dark past and trauma. This can also be seen in Flippin' Burgers  when she wasn't afraid til' he acually was going to kill her. Despite how close they were, she showed no romantic interest in him until On My Mind, where their main romantic interaction appears. She was very pleased by Flippy giving her a rose, and just like before, Giggles wasn't afraid to have a date with the most insane character in the series, however, she naturally was horrified when he was killing her later.

In a more negative note, Giggles's didn't go to Flippy's party in Party Animal, however you can say she might didn't know about the party or she wasn't invited to it.

Flippy's side

Giggles' death is what makes Flippy flip out.

Being a social person, there's no wonder Flippy has always been good friends with Giggles, however because of the many times they are together, Giggles is the most frequent victim of Flippy's evils side. In This Is Your Knife, Flippy was glad to see her, just like Cuddles and Flaky, showing they're close friends. In Happy Trails Pt. 2: Jumping the Shark, Flippy is sad as he marks her grave, showing respect towards her, even putting her bow on the grave, and also how he's affected to a close friend's death, in this case being Giggles. In Flippin' Burgers, there is possible evidence that he may like her in a romantic way, as he flips out from perceived bloodshed, but also has a flashback of dead people that resemble Giggles (meaning that he is concerned for her safety as he never does this with any other character). This is something that has only happened with her, which makes them even closer than other friendships in the series.

Flippy finally got something romantic with her in On My Mind, where he dates her in a restaurant. Flippy looked to be in love with her, and he even gave her a rose, which shows he can be a gent when it's about Giggles. However it was a short relationship because of his evil side. 


  • Giggles is Fliqpy's most frequent victim.
  • Giggles is along with Lumpy the two characters that have co-starred the most with Flippy, with a total of five.
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