The friendship between a paranoid and a half-psychopath.

This article focuses on the interactions between Flippy and Flaky.


Flippy and Flaky are depicted in the series to be good friends. In earlier episodes, Flippy's flipped-out personality would kill Flaky as with any other character. Although by the TV series, this has changed to Flippy generally not noticing or even caring about Flaky, even when flipped out. But then, Flaky discovered Flippy's disorder and she developed a phobia of him, and their friendship began to fall apart. In fan-made material, they are commonly depicted as a couple.

Flippy's Side

Flippy, Flaky, Petunia and Toothy are playing Hide and Seek.

When he is not flipped out, Flippy seems to regard Flaky as a friend, as he is seen playing hide and seek with her, Toothy, and Petunia in his debut. He also joins her at a campfire, even specifically choosing the seat next to her in This Is Your Knife. In Without a Hitch, though the interaction is simply based on his need for a ride, when the car crash occurs and Flaky winds up trapped in the car, he ignores his own injuries and immediately tries to help her.

However, this friendship is put to the test and failed in Happy Trails Pt. 2: Jumping the Shark, when Flaky accidentally pops the inflatable life-raft (which was their only way off the island). This infuriates him, Lumpy, Sniffles and Handy. That night, Flippy is seen hammering her grave cross into the sand - he has his normal eyes at the time. This gives the powerful implication that the four of them killed her together.

Fliqpy's Side

Fliqpy about to kill Cuddles with Flaky.

As is expected from his character, Fliqpy kills Flaky without remorse in Hide and Seek, This Is Your Knife, Keepin' it Reel, and even By The Seat Of Your Pants, just as he does to all the other characters. He even uses her as a weapon to kill Cuddles in Keepin' it Reel.

However, in Party Animal and Random Acts of Silence, she was near and in a vulnerable position but was purposefully left unharmed. It is possible that the reason this happened in Party Animal is because Flaky was TOO vulnerable and that the soldier code would not let him attack someone who has no way of defending themselves. Also, in Double Whammy Part I, her screams are capable of changing him back into Good Flippy, though this is also a state where Flaky may have been too vulnerable.

Flaky's Side

Thank goodness! I was worried I'd get socks.

Despite her deeply ingrained fear of Fliqpy, in early episodes, Flaky seems to see Flippy as a friend. She not only occasionally plays with him and other characters, but in Party Animal she goes through the trouble of planning a surprise birthday party for him. This could be because the same episode implies that at that point, she is unaware of his disorder, given that she very trustingly hands him a cake cutter, which almost causes him to flip out. However, he doesn't.

However, in Without a Hitch, she has become afraid of both versions of him. She not only tries to avoid him, but throughout the episode, she has hallucinations of him flipping out and killing her. This fear goes so far that when he tries to help free her from the crashed car, she stabs him in the eye with a shard of glass. In her defence, Flippy held a razor blade at the time. As a result of remaining trapped in the car, Flaky's head is crushed by the airbag.


  • In Kringle Feast, there is a picture of Flippy and Flaky alongside Lumpy on a wall.
  • In Party Animal, both of them are highly allergic to peanuts.
  • Despite being on good terms, they have both killed each other on purpose at least once in the series, and are the only characters each of them has killed on purpose.
  • Their gender-based personality traits appeared to be swapped: Flippy likes unicorns and rainbows and Flaky is a tomboy.
  • Despite their quiet and friendly personalities, both of them are sometimes grumpy towards other characters.
    • In Random Acts of Silence, Flippy becomes annoyed by Mime making loud sounds (although this may have been Flippy taking his librarian job too seriously).
    • In Party Animal, Nutty annoys Flaky by attempting to get the candies for the cake.
  • Although Flaky knows about Flippy's evil side, she does not appear to know how he is triggered, as in Without a Hitch she seems to think that Flippy just flips out randomly.
  • Despite the fact that Flippy and Flaky are not an official couple in the series, they are actually the most popular couple in the entire fandom, greatly surpassing both Cuddles-Giggles and Handy-Petunia.
  • The most common reasons for the fans to depict the two as a couple are:
    • 1. The theory that "opposites attract", due to them being natural opposites in almost every way.
    • 2. When he's behaving normally, there's nothing to be afraid of about Flippy, and if she only knew more about him, Flaky is so quiet and cautious that she likely would take great pains to keep him from seeing and hearing the things that make his evil side rise up.
    • 3: In Double Whammy, Flaky's screams are able to snap Flippy back to his normal self, indicating that she can stop Flippy after he flips out. Fliqpy also spares Flaky in Party Animal and Random Acts of Silence.
      • However, they failed to do so in early Internet episodes, so this may be a one-time occurrence.
    • 4. Down to potential for comedy they have interacted a number of times and they are one of the few characters who don't most commonly co-starred with Lumpy and instead with each other.
    • 5. They are both fan-favourite characters.
  • The Love Bites short, On My Mind, not only infuriated Flippy/Flaky fans but also went against the canon relationship of Giggles/Cuddles. But since Flippy flips out and slaughters Giggles and there is nothing she can do to stop him, it may be preferable this way.
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