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Some of Flippy's friends present for his birthday party.

This article focuses on the interactions between Flippy and every other main character he has interacted with so far.


Flippy is a very sociable person with almost everyone he knows, but because of his nice and caring personality, many of the characters have taken advantage of him, even Flaky, but he doesn't appear in episodes most often, so he doesn't interact with many characters. However, the relationships only last until Fliqpy takes over. Another set back is that Flippy tends to be alone and enjoys peace and quiet, so some characters such as Mime and Lumpy have annoyed Flippy, which usually results in Flippy flipping out and killing them.



Flippy and Cuddles are shown to be good friends.

In This Is Your Knife, Flippy and Cuddles camp out along with Flaky and Giggles. In Flippin' Burgers, Flippy was presumably going to join Cuddles and Giggles at their table. In Party Animal, Cuddles appears at Flippy's birthday party. In Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow, they do not really interact, but Flippy is relieved when his helicopter does not kill/fly into Cuddles. Flippy grieved Cuddles' death in Happy Trails Pt. 2: Jumping the Shark.


Main article: Flippy-Giggles relationship

Flippy and Giggles have been shown to be close friends who interact in several episodes since the very first season, and may also like each other romantically as seen in On My Mind. However, Giggles is his evil self's most frequent victim.

In This Is Your Knife, Flippy and Giggles camp out with Flaky and Cuddles. In Happy Trails Pt. 2: Jumping the Shark, Flippy is sad as he marks her grave. In Flippin' Burgers, there is possible evidence that he may like her in a romantic way, as he flips out from perceived bloodshed, but also has a flashback of dead people that resemble Giggles (meaning that he is concerned for her safety). However, his evil self still kills her in that episode.


Flippy and Toothy are great friends, as can be seen in several episodes.

In Hide and Seek, Flippy and Toothy are shown playing hide-and-seek along with Flaky and Petunia. In Party Animal, Flippy gives Toothy the second slice of cake (after Flaky) before flipping out and killing everyone on his birthday party. Flippy also grieves over making Toothy's grave in Happy Trails Pt. 2: Jumping the Shark.


Main article: Lumpy-Flippy Relationship

Flippy and Lumpy are shown to be great friends/neighbors, as they interact in several episodes.

In Happy Trails Pt. 1, they are seen among the survivors of the accident that stranded the characters on the island. Flippy does however, show no concern over throwing Lumpy out of their rocket due to the weight excess. In Double Whammy Part I, when Flippy realizes that he has a problem, he goes to Lumpy to seek help. When the two initial attempts work before failing horribly, Flippy decides to keep asking Lumpy for advice before giving up after Lumpy hypnotizes himself, making him no longer helpful. In the beginning of By The Seat Of Your Pants, Flippy is at Lumpy's house, probably because the latter invited him to watch TV and eat cheese. Later in the episode, Flippy is in the audience of the swimming race, likely cheering for Lumpy. In In Over Your Hedge, Flippy is annoyed by the noise Lumpy makes on his lawn, as he is trying to read.

Fliqpy and Lumpy are known for their back and forward attempts at killing each other. Fliqpy was successful in Keepin' it Reel, A Vicious Cycle, and In Over Your Hedge, he was unsuccessful in Remains to be Seen, Double Whammy Part I, Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow, and By The Seat Of Your Pants. In Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow, however, Fliqpy spares Lumpy when he remembers the dream he had and even cries.


Flippy and Petunia are shown to be good friends when they are seen together, but they only interact in two episodes.

In Hide and Seek, they are shown playing hide-and-seek along with Toothy and Flaky. In Flippin' Burgers, Flippy may like the food at the restaurant Petunia works at, unless it was not his first time there. Flippy also mourns her death in Happy Trails Pt. 2: Jumping the Shark.


Flippy and Handy have been shown to be friends, but they rarely interact.

They work together to survive on the island in Happy Trails Pt. 2: Jumping the Shark. In Double Whammy Part I, when Handy somehow manages to ring the bell in a "test your strength" stand, Flippy, the carny and operator of the game, offers him a foam finger as a prize. This leads to Handy, who is offended by Flippy's lack of awareness, pulling "the look" and leaving.


Flippy is civil towards Nutty, at least when not flipped out.

In Random Acts of Silence, due to his work as librarian, Flippy orders Nutty and Sniffles to keep it down when they make noise. In addition, in Double Whammy Part I Flippy allows Nutty to play a carnival game and is evidently horrified that he killed him.


Flippy is usually civil towards Sniffles, but the two rarely interact. Sniffles attends Flippy's birthday in Party Animal and helps with the preparations. Their most notable interaction is in Happy Trails Pt. 2: Jumping the Shark, in which they, along with the other survivors, try to escape the island.


Main article: Flippy-Flaky Relationship

Flippy and Flaky are great friends and have interacted with each other in many episodes, and many fans view them as a couple. However, there is no canonical evidence for this.

In Hide and Seek, they are shown playing hide-and-seek along with Toothy and Petunia. In This Is Your Knife, they go camping with Cuddles and Giggles. In Party Animal, Flippy is happy to see Flaky at his party and gives her the first slice of cake. Strangely, his evil side doesn't kill her even when she's in plain view, though this is likely due to the fact that Flaky was having an allergic reaction and Fliqpy, being a soldier, doesn't kill people who are in a complete helpless stat as he didn't kill The Mole either. In Without a Hitch, though the interaction was simply based on his need for a ride, when the car crash occurs and Flaky winds up trapped in the car, he ignores his own (very minor) injuries and immediately tries to help her.

However, a conflict between the two occurs in Happy Trails Pt. 2: Jumping the Shark, in which he kills Flaky for deflating the raft.

The Mole

The Mole may be friendly with Flippy to a small extent, as he helps out at his birthday party in Party Animal, and Flippy seems pleased to see him along with the other characters there.

Disco Bear

So far only Fliqpy has interacted with Disco Bear. He kills him in Double Whammy Part I and is chased by him as cop in A Vicious Cycle.

On a positive note. When Flippy reverted back to his good self. He was shocked and regretful when he saw Disco Bear's Corpse in Double Whammy Part I (Along With Petunia and Giggles)

Lifty and Shifty

Flippy is enemies with the duo. In Easy For You to Sleigh, Flippy is horrified to find himself robbed and tied up by the raccoons, flips out, and kills the unwelcome guests. On a more positive note, Flippy is happy to see that Lifty and Shifty have a raft to get them off the island in Happy Trails Pt. 2: Jumping the Shark.


Main article: Flippy-Mime Relationship

While they have shown some signs of friendship like Flippy mourning Mime's death in Happy Trails Pt. 2: Jumping the Shark and Mime helping with his party in Party Animal, Flippy isn't very fond of Mime.

However, in Keepin' it Reel, Mime eats imaginary popcorn/peanuts, but does so quite loudly, leading to Flippy telling him to be more quiet. In Random Acts of Silence, Flippy becomes agitated with Mime when he won't stop making noise in a library.