• This is the first episode in which Pop and Cub die at the same time.
  • This is the first (and so far, only) episode which is named after Flippy.
  • This is (debatably) the only time Fliqpy has killed Cub. On the other hand, this is also the first time he kills Pop.
  • This episode shows the first instance of Flippy's "cannibalism". (he ate a French fry with Cuddles' blood on it. However, his species is a bear, as they have an omnivorous diet in real life.)

    Looks tasty.

  • The sound Giggles makes when the mustard and ketchup bottles are inserted into her ears was reused from the episode, This Is Your Knife.
  • This episode makes Flippy the fifteenth character to come back to life for another episode.
  • This is Pop's first appearance since Chip Off the Ol' Block.
  • If one listens closely when Fliqpy presses Petunia's face on the grill, she shouts "OH MY GOD!".
  • The line in the description: "Yes, they might use different condiments than we do" may be a subtle reference to the ending because Cuddles' blood was Fliqpy's "condiment".

Cultural References

  • The title of this episode might be a reference to the idiom of the same name, which means to do work that does not play well.
  • The moral is a phrase that means if you eat healthful foods you'll be healthy, but if you eat unhealthful foods you'll be unhealthy.
  • There is a restaurant in Stockholm, Sweden with the exact same name of the title of this episode. 


Production Notes

  • Looking into the storyboards, The Mole was originally going to be in this episode. He was killed by Fliqpy when he hangs The Mole on a coat rack, causing The Mole's skin to rip off. This idea was removed. Also in the storyboards, Flaky was originally drawn in Petunia's place cooking burgers on the grill and getting killed by Fliqpy in the same way as Petunia.
  • Warren clearly said in the live stream chat that one episode (most likely making the inference to this episode) they thought about like throwing up the table and having the fries put in slow motion, then slow motion gun shootings. The idea was removed because as Pontac said, "Any retard can shoot a gun". Since then, kills by guns have been removed throughout the entire show.
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